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Dare, The: 5. Chapter 5

She stood before him, a faint smile upon the fair lips. “Hello.” She whispered.

Legolas’ jaw clenched. “How is it that you are here?” He whispered in return, his hands clenching and unclenching.

She reached out to touch his cheek, but stopped when Legolas drew back. She carefully let her arm fall back to her side, her face not showing her hurt of his rejection. Instead she looked at Legolas, from his face down to his feet, drinking in the sight of her now grown son. “You look like your Adar.” She whispered at last, when it became apparent that Legolas was growing uncomfortable.

Legolas flushed lightly, not expecting such a comment. His eyes lowered, as he fidgeted uneasily under the keen gaze. “How is it that you are here?” He repeated.

“I have always been here.” She whispered reaching again toward his brow, and this time Legolas allowed her to touch him. “And here.” She gently pressed her hand against his chest, feeling the rhythm of his heart.

Legolas stepped back, his eyes wide and his chest beginning to heave slightly as he fought back tears. “Why are you here?” He choked out.

“You are suffering.” She said simply. “I have come to help.”

Legolas snorted. “What could you do to help?” He said bitterly. “All you have done is hurt me.”

A flash of pain crossed the beautiful face, before disappearing, making Legolas wonder if it was ever there. “I’ve come to help.” Lalaith repeated, ignoring the bitter words from her son’s mouth. “You have been given a choice.”

“Why did they send you?” Legolas interrupted, his eyes turned cold, forbidding.

Lalaith sighed lightly wondering why she was ever sent here, her son was just as stubborn as his father. Perhaps even more so, but this was a message he needed to hear, angry with his mother or not. “I don’t want to cause anymore pain...” She began, but was cut off by an angry downward slash of Legolas’ hand.

“Then leave.” Legolas said coldly, turning his back on her.

“You have refused to follow the call of the sea.” Lalaith stated instead. “The Valar want to know the exact reasons.”

“The exact reasons?” Legolas asked incredulously.

“Yes.” Lalaith replied evenly.

The young elf snorted in derision. “You mean the Valar doesn’t know everything?”

Lalaith said nothing, but bided her time patiently.

“I don’t know!” Legolas cried out suddenly. “It seems now as if everyone wants me to leave.” His voice lowered. “I thought I stayed because of my promise to Aragorn, but Aragorn released me of the promise.” He stopped, his brow furrowing as the confusing thoughts plaguing him came back in full force.

“I thought I stayed because of Aragorn, but since he released me of the promise the I no longer stay for him.” Legolas sighed. “But perhaps it’s not only Aragorn. I have a whole host of friends still here on Middle Earth.”

“Nearly all of them are mortal.” Lalaith pointed out softly. “You are only setting yourself up for long heartache and sorrow.”

“There are so many that would be heartbroken if I did leave though.” Legolas argued softly as well. “Eomer has asked that I visit him in Rohan and promised to take me to a glade deep with in Rohan. Faramir promised to show me Henneth Annuin. Gimli has promised to take me to the Glittering Caves. Treebeard has promised to take me on a tour through Fangorn Forest.” The golden haired elf sighed, slowly sinking to his knees.

“It is not because of Aragorn that I stay.” Legolas puzzled.

“You are confused?” Lalaith prodded gently.

The elf prince nodded, closing his eyes. “I thought I knew why I stayed, but I find that I have many reasons beyond Aragorn to stay.” He took a deep breath.

“Do you realize how much pain you are setting yourself up for?” Lalaith questioned, worried.

“Pain?” Legolas smiled. “Yes I know, but if I miss the pain, I will also miss the joy. I would miss births, birthdays, children being born, children growing up.” His voice trailed off. “I would not want to miss anything Naneth.” He whispered.

“Oh my little ‘Las.” Lalaith reached out again and this time Legolas didn’t pull away. If I could have gone back, I would have.” She whispered. “You must know that. I acted impulsively, selfishly even.” She knelt by his side.

“I love you so much, my Legolas. I should have never ever even thought about leaving.” Her eyes searched his. “Will you forgive me? For leaving you?”

Tears slowly spilt over the blue-gray eyes that she missed so much. “I love you Nana.”

She pulled him close as more tears started to fall. “I’ve missed you so much.” He sobbed. “I wanted you to be there. I wanted you but you weren’t there.” Many years worth of pain and silent hurt bubbled up.

She tried to hold back her own tears, but failed miserably. She had caused this pain, this agony.” It had been her and her alone. Thranduil had done his best to raise Legolas, but there had always been something achingly missing with Legolas’ life. It had been her.

She had missed his life. “I’m sorry.” She whispered. “I’m sorry.”

Legolas didn’t seem to hear, but pulled her even closer, as if he was trying desperately to make up for all the long years. The lonely nights, wishing ‘Nana was here’


“Lomion, I would speak with you.” Elrond called out quickly, before any questions could be asked.

A bit curious, Lomion rose and followed the elven lord into the next room.

“Legolas will be fine.” Elrond assured him first. “But he is going to need someone very close to help him wake up, I would be there, but there are the other guards that I need to check upon.” His sympathetic gaze met Lomion’s. “Can you do this for me?”

Lomion smiled, partly in relief and partly in agreement. “Of course Lord Elrond, just tell me what to do.”

Elrond nodded. “In about ten minutes begin calling him waken. There is water nearby and a tincture of herbs if his head hurts. It won’t knock him out, it will just soothe the pain.”

Lomion nodded, gathering the information.

Elrond smiled and placed a reassuring hand on Lomion’s shoulder. “I will be in the next corridor if you need anything, and Aragorn and the others are in the next room.”

Lomion took a deep breath. “I’m sure everything will be fine.”

Elrond nodded and quickly hurried away leaving Lomion with his youngest brother.

Walking slowly to Legolas’ side, Lomion sat down and carefully picked up the limp hand.

“Oh Legolas I fear the moment you wake up.” Lomion whispered. “There is something that I need to tell you, but I fear that it will hurt you even more.” He licked his lips. “The sea is calling you, and the news I bear could easily rip your heart even more.”

A few moments of quiet passed, then without warning Legolas moaned.

“Legolas? Legolas, can you hear me?” Lomion called out hesitantly.

The younger elf moaned again.

“Legolas, wake up.” Lomion called.

After a few seconds, Legolas’ eyes began to flutter. “Nana?” He whispered hoarsely.

Worried Lomion shook his head. “No Legolas, it’s me, Lomion.”

“Where is Nana?” Legolas rasped. Then a look of comprehension showed on his face. “Oh, she said I would be back, but I didn’t realize it would be so soon.”

“What are you are you talking about?” Lomion questioned.

Legolas smiled. “I’ll tell you later.” He whispered. He studied Lomion’s face, then stared into his eyes. “What is a matter?”

Lomion sighed. “Legolas you need to rest.”

“Lomion? What is it?” Legolas struggled to sit up.

“Hold still.” Lomion pressed his hands down on Legolas’ chest to keep him on the bed.

“What is it Lomion?” Legolas demanded.


A cry from the inner room brought everyone to their feet and they all were instantly at the door, but it was the elves that quickly guarded the door.

The others stared at the elves, each wondering why they were guarding the door.

Glorfindel stepped forward. “Give the two brothers some time alone to grieve.” He said quietly.

Realization dawned on everyone’s faces and they slowly backed away and sat down again.

After a few long moments of quiet the door slowly creaked open and there stood Lomion half supporting, half holding Legolas up.

“Legolas!” Aragorn sprang forwards. “You shouldn’t be up yet.”

Legolas smiled tightly. “I need to tell you all something first.” He stated calmly.

He waited ‘til everyone had reseated themselves then quietly spoke. “I am sure all of you know of the sea longing that I have.”

Everyone nodded, but no one spoke.

“Several weeks ago, I told Aragorn that I would remain on Middle Earth until he took his last breath. That was before I saw the sea.” Legolas’ voice was low. “Afterwards, Aragorn retracted the oath I gave him.” The elf calmly met Aragorn’s gray eyes.

“Many of you have tired to pursued me to go to the Valinor.” He continued. “But this is a battle that I must do alone. I have decided to stay on Middle Earth. Many elves have told me that I will suffer much heartache and pain.” He carefully met each person’s gaze. “But that is a risk I am willing to take.”

His own gaze lowered. “The sea longing is my burden to bear for as long as I wish.” He sighed and seemed to almost deflate. “I want to stay Aragorn. I want to see you married and surrounded with children.” Tears slowly spilled from the blue-gray eyes.

“That’s all I ask Aragorn, to be by your side when it is time, not now.” He was openly crying now. “I want to fight by your side again, I want to hold your children and watch them learn to walk and talk.” He met everyone’s gazes. “I want to be there for your heartaches, your joys, your sorrows.”

“That’s I all ask.” Legolas whispered tiredly.

Aragorn stepped forward and gently tilted the chin too look the elf square in the eyes. “Are you sure nin mellon?”

Legolas stared back. “Yes.” He said simply.

Aragorn smiled and gently drew the exhausted prince into his arms. “Then I will say nothing more of your leaving.”

The others quickly crowed around and more a moment, Lomion knew exactly why his little brother chose to stay.

Epilogue * A few weeks later *

“This day.” Aragorn toned regally “Does not belong to one man but to all. Let us together rebuild this world that we may share in the days of peace. Et Eärello Endorenna utúlien. Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar- metta.” (These were the words Elendil sang when his feet first touched the lands of Middle-earth: Out of the Great Sea to Middle-earth I am come. In this place will I abide, and my heirs, unto the ending of the world.)

A great cheer went up, each man, woman and child happy to be there at that key moment when Aragorn was crowned King Elessar.

Aragorn, now Elessar slowly began walking in the crowd, meeting the eyes of many. He saw Faramir and Ewoyn standing together and his heart rejoiced. Eomer pushed forward and bowed low, and Aragorn knew that their lands would forever be entwined with the bonds of friendship.

And at last he came upon the elven prince he called his friend. Reaching out, he carefully clasped Legolas’ left shoulder. He knew that the tattoos on the archer’s arm were still rather sore. “Hannon le.” He smiled.

Legolas clasped the king’s right shoulder, then smiled rather mysteriously and then jerked his head to the side.

Curious Aragorn looked over to see someone holding a banner that blocked his view of the person. But slowly the banner moved to reveal....


His lips caressed her name.

“Go to him.” Elrond whispered, his voice so low that only Arwen heard him.

Arwen hesitantly moved forward, holding the banner in front of her.

Aragorn’s eyes drank in the sight of her. He knew he had a stupid grin on his face, but could do nothing about it.

“Arwen.” He breathed her name, then without another thought brought his lips to hers.

The banner was suddenly gone and then Aragorn was twirling Arwen around, pulling her close.

Legolas laughed softly, happy to finally see the two reunited under the blessing of Lord Elrond.

“Now Legolas.” The twins moved over to his side while their brother was still kissing Arwen. “When can we see your tattoos?”

“What!” Lomion cried out, though the rousing cheer of the crowd drowned his cry out.

Legolas panicked. “Nothing!” He hissed. “Absolutely nothing!”

“Come now laddie.” Gimli rumbled. “You have nothing to be shamed about, they are good tattoos.”

“My friends!” Aragorn suddenly cried out drawing everyone’s attention. “You bow to no one.” Then he knelt down before the four hobbits.

Quickly Legolas followed suit hoping to edge away from his brother.

“Don’t even think about it.” Lomion hissed under his breath, and reaching out grabbed a handful of Legolas’ tunic to keep him in place.

“Thanks a lot Elladan and Elrohir.” Legolas snarled. “You owe me.”

The End.

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