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Recaptured!: 47. Recovery

Merry was still curled up on the bedroll but by now was
sobbing with deep grief when they brought Legolas into his tent. Gandalf took
him by the shoulders and lifted him to a sitting position. He held him close
for a moment then moved him away and shook him a little. It made no difference;
the little hobbit seemed oblivious to everything.

"Merry you have to stop now." Gandalf said firmly.
"We need your help."

"Come now, Merry." Aragorn knelt down to his
level. "A solider does not give up the battle for the loss of a comrade,
hard though that may be."

"I-I know." Merry managed. "S-s-sorry

"That's all right." Aragorn put his hand on the
little hobbit's shoulder. "It does not mean he may not grieve."

"We all know how much Pippin meant to you."
Gandalf poured some water on a cloth and gently wiped Merry's red swollen eyes.
"We all loved him, too. Any one of us would have sacrificed themselves to
save Peregrin, but it was not to be."

"I know words don't lessen the pain, Merry."
Aragorn took the little hand in both of his. "And we do understand what
you are suffering. But we need you to help Legolas and for that you must stop
crying and put all your thought to it."

"M-me? How c-can I help?" Merry sniffed through
his tears, still falling unbidden, although his voice was calmer.

"We want you to try and speak to Legolas's mind."
Gandalf explained gently. "When Sauron threw him from the link he did something
to his memory and now Legolas does not react to anything around him."

"So what d-do I do?" Merry stood up shakily,
feeling in front for something to hold on to.

"I will put his hands on your face, the way he always
did before you became permanently linked." Gandalf led Merry over to the
elf who was sitting on a bedroll with Gimli beside him, "and I want you to
concentrate very hard, look for the connection that you had with Legolas before
this happened."

"But what if… what if I m-meet… ohh!" Merry broke
off unable to articulate his fear.

"I don't think you will Merry and if you meet anyone
you don't want to, come away at once – you know how to do that I think."
Gandalf frowned not sure that he had guessed Merry's anxiety right.

"What if Pip …" Merry stopped, on the verge of
breaking down once more. Best not to think about it, just focus on the job in
hand, that was all. Nothing else mattered. "No, it doesn't matter. I will
try my best."

"Good lad." Gandalf took the Merry's hands and
placed them on Legolas's face and Gimli held Legolas's hands in position on
Merry's, the elf's now vacant eyes directed towards the hobbit's equally
unseeing gaze.

'legolas? you go in here?'


'legolas? please say things at i – say i merry – can go
hear i?'


'you go 'membrer we talk? i go miss you. pip – pip go… no
not say bad … too bad'


'legolas? you go say pip? you go talk me 'bout pip…i-i
n-not tell wh-what…'


'yes legolas – i here.'

'You are too sad.'


'That's why I heard you call – your grief - it cried out
in the darkness.'


'I see only darkness – it is all around.'

'where you are legolas?'

'It is black – a deep abyss. Someone, something cast me
here. I cannot find the way out.'

'c-can find i?'

'I don't know little one. I heard your grief. You are
very distressed, Merry. I never heard you stammer in my mind before. Why are
you sad?'


'Pippin? Where is he? Is he lost?'

'think he g-go… d-die'

'No – he is very afraid – but I feel him still.'

'can? but h-he – pip – he g-go die s-soon'

'No he's frightened – but safe.'

Wait. A beat. A pulse. True? Can't be! Must be! Yes!

'LEGOLAS! You Go Say True? How Know You? How?'

'Hushhh, little one. I hear him. He was lost, but he came
back. Something large holds him, keeps him near. Pippin is frightened but he is
alive and not being hurt.'




"Ohh! What? What happened?" Legolas let go of the
hobbit's face and clutched frantically at nothing as his body buckled. Aragorn
and Gimli held him up and then gently lowered him to the ground.

"We don't know." Aragorn looked into the now
slowly focussing eyes. "What happened to you and Merry?"

Merry was stock still in the centre of the tent his fists
balled tightly with an ecstatic smile on his tear-stained face.

"I was in a dark evil place." Legolas was still
gasping for breath. "I could see nothing and hear nothing. Then Merry came
calling to me and I could hear him – no I heard his grief, it was immense. It
was more intense than the blackness that surrounded me and it broke through.

"Then I heard Pippin." Legolas looked up at the
astonished faces of the other three. "He was frightened but not in danger,
I think. Merry heard him too."

Legolas paused as if to gather his thoughts and recapture
the sensation. "That was when an enormous wave of something, emotion, love
– very intense – very Pheriannath – took me. It washed over me as if it
cleansed the blackness – and overwhelmed the darkness from my soul. Then I awoke
and was here."


Smagnu was extremely pissed off. He was cold, having been
out on patrol all night and tired, having been on his feet all night and
hungry, having not eaten all night. Uruks were not supposed to feel any of these
things, but in spite of the fact that they could endure far more than most
orcs, they still eventually became cold, tired and hungry.

He was also pissed off about the fact that he seemed to have
been landed with Grutfley as his permanent partner. They had only been teamed
for the first time when they were ordered to take charge of the imp – halfling,
whatever it was, and now they had been saddled with each other full time.
Grutfley worried him a little as he was an evil bastard, but probably better to
keep him near than get a knife in his back.

As he lumbered back into the orcs' quarters a ruckus was
taking place at the far end by the stairs – the stairs that led down from the
Captain's quarters. Well he was not about to let that pass without his say so.
He was the biggest, toughest orc in this section of the tower and nothing went
on without his approval. Those above liked the orcs to have their own pecking
order and did not interfere, it kept things running smoothly. He also had some
rank, he was a Corporal.

"Come on you." He growled at Grutfley. "Need
to find out what those pus-heads are up to."

"Looks like they're just fightin’ each other."
Grutfley was cold and tired too. "Let ‘em get on with it."

"No, I say who gets to kill what round here."
Smagnu pushed his way through the crowd, with Grutfley cursing at his heels.
"What you fugging pigs doing?"

"They got the imp!" Grutfley was a bit
apprehensive about getting involved with that creature again. "Leave 'em
to it."

"No. Gerroff you fugbags!" Smagnu caught hold of
the orc that was pushing itself into Pippin and tossed it in the air to land
heavily on another orc. Then he picked up the orc that was holding the tiny
frightened hobbit down and chucked it in the other direction. "Give it
here." He lifted Pippin up and tucked him under his arm.

"What you doing? Shithead!" The orc who was next
in line shouted angrily at the large Uruk. "That was gived to us by your
Captain. Said we could have it."

"Well if there's anything to be had for free round
here, it's mine." Smagnu explained, smashing his elbow up into the
complainer's chin. "My captain told me to look after this thing and make
sure you heap of dung didn't get it. He didn't tell me no different yet, so I'm
taking it. All right?"

"I dursn't get near it anyhow." Grutfley muttered.
"You best leave it be too, if you got any sense, which you ain't."

"Why what'd it do?" Several of the larger orcs who
had been watching the fun laughed at Grutfley and pointed. "Tough ol'
Grutfley scared shitless of a little spider!"

"You'd laugh other side of your gobs if you seen what I
see'd." Grutfley snarled back. "It's fugging bewitched that thing.
You mark my words – you leave it be."

"Looks like we ain't got no choice." An orc
pointed to where Smagnu had picked up the creature's clothes and was striding
down the hall with it firmly tucked under his arm. "The Corporal's got
hisself a little pet rat. Ha!"

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25. Crime and Punishment

26. The Show

27. Drums of War

28. Rumblings

29. Searching

30. Converging

31. Betrayal

32. Aftermath

33. Wraithride

34. Lessons

35. Stigmata

36. Decisions

37. Ménage à trois

38. Misunderstandings

39. Visions

40. Remembering

41. Summoned

42. The Plan

43. Confrontation

44. Questions

45. Goodbye

46. Gone

47. Recovery

48. Promises

49. Friends and Strangers

50. Knots and Plots

51. Hide The Hobbit

52. Lost and Found

53. Promises and Threats

54. Blood and Water

55. Dead or Alive

56. Sad and Lonely

57. Hide and Seek

58. Near and Far

59. Touch and Go

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61. Rough and Tumble

62. Beyond Help

63. Planning and Scheming

64. Requiescat

65. Echoes

66. Bribery and Corruption

67. Quo Vadis?

68. Friend or Foe

69. Terra Incognita

70. Caveat

71. Déjà vu

72. Truth and Lies

73. Catching Up

74. frodosam

75. Partings and Meetings

76. Gollum and Co

77. Shelob's Revenge

78. Rendezvous

79. Quartet

80. Needing Help

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82. It's Magnic!

83. Ambush

84. Many Meetings

85. Telling the Tale

86. Love in a Shirt

87. News Fair and Foul

88. Rejoined

89. Minas Tirith

90. Honours

91. Bonding

92. Trusting to Luck

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94. Dangerous Thoughts

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96. No Surrender

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107. Hey Ho To the Battle I Go!

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