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Recaptured!: 30. Converging

Merry felt his way along the wall, stepping carefully,
making sure he had solid ground beneath each foot before putting all his weight
down. He listened carefully every so often, hoping to hear footfalls or another
voice so that he could ask for help, but there seemed to be no one around. He
tried calling out even though it made him feel slightly foolish and rather
vulnerable, but nobody answered anyway.

As Merry walked along he gradually grew more confident and
his pace quickened, slowing only when he found gaps in the wall where arches or
doors were set. He then had to feel his way more carefully following the recess
until it returned to solid wall.

Suddenly the wall ended and Merry, touching ahead with his
foot along the ground, realised he was at the top of a flight of steps. He
wished that he had paid more attention to these details when Pippin had been
leading him about, but there seemed no need at the time. 'Pip would always be
there for me. But now…' The thought trailed off, Merry did not want to start
imaging what had happened to his little cousin.

"What are you doing, halfling?"

The voice was so abrupt and unexpected that Merry was
startled and as he turned too quickly in the direction of the challenge, he
stepped backwards and tripped over the top step. His balance was lost and he
tumbled head over heels to the foot of the steps, landing with a thud at the
bottom. He was not really hurt, hobbits are very good at falling, rolling and
jumping up, but he was very badly shaken.

As the hobbit lay in a heap at the bottom of the stairs he
heard a voice above him mutter, "Stupid thing, it's probably killed itself
now!" Then he could hear footfalls descending towards him, probably the
owner of the voice.

"Are you hurt?" The voice seemed businesslike
rather than concerned and, as Merry pulled himself up into a sitting position
and decided nothing was broken, he realised it belonged to Grima Wormtongue, he
recognised his voice from the trial..

"No, I'm not hurt." Merry stood now and waited for
the man to come all the way down. He did not like Grima particularly and after
overhearing his last comment, did not trust him either. But at the moment he
had very little in the way of choice.

"Can you help me?" Merry asked, "I have to
find my cousin, Pippin, the other halfling. Or at least could you take me to
Aragorn or Gandalf or Gimli or Legolas or Éowyn or…or…" Merry trailed off,
realising all at once that what he had said was rather rude.

"You mean anyone but me?" The implication was not
lost on Grima.

"No, it's just that I don't want to bother you, but I
do need to find Pippin quite urgently." Merry was suddenly struck by the
fact that when anyone else talked to him they seemed to have a knack of letting
him know where they were. It might be as much as taking his hand or as little
as a very direct voice projection. But with this man he could tell nothing and
did not even know if he was looking at him as he spoke. Merry suspected that he
was not.

"I will help you, halfling. Come with me and we will go
and find your cousin together." Grima put his hand on Merry's shoulder and
pushed him forward to the steps. The man lifted Merry's arm so that his hand
found the rail and they climbed back up to the top.

Merry shuddered slightly at the touch, noticing also that it
was distant and unfriendly, but he told himself not to be stupid. He was still
in Meduseld, under Théoden's protection and, much as he disliked this man, what
could he do to him here?


Legolas had wandered far from the castle in his search for
solitude and trees. As he ran back he realised it must be a league distant and
the urgency made it seem even further. He felt a surge of anguish as he
remembered the scream that had leapt unwarranted from his lips. What could have
happened to Pippin to make him cry out so and how had he heard him over such a
great distance?

The elf knew that joining minds was not to be played with
and could have far reaching consequences. He wondered if he had already
overstepped the limit with the perian. Pippin had needed him so much, he found
it hard to resist talking to him. But Legolas knew that, just like the poppy paste,
it could become addictive. Added to that, it became unconscious. If contact was
continued over too long a time, they would find themselves wandering in and out
of each other's minds unbidden and very often unwanted. It was not a comforting

But then Legolas remembered how lonely and hurt the little
one had been and that the touch of his innocent mind was pleasant, it was so
refreshing and naïve to an ancient being such as he. Perhaps it was part of his
destiny to be linked in this way, it did not seem such a trial and if he could
help to protect Pippin by being in his mind – then so be it.

He entered the castle keep at a run and made for the Great
Hall. Although the hour was late, Gandalf, Aragorn and Gimli were there with
Théoden and his entourage, still planning for the following day.

Legolas made straight for his companions, "The
halflings – where are they? He caught hold of Aragorn's arm, "where is
Pippin?" he asked frantically.

"In my room, as far as I know, unless they woke and
took off for the kitchens again." Aragorn frowned at the elf's urgency.

"What's wrong?"

"I don't know. There was a cry. It came from my lips,
but 'twas not mine." Legolas wondered if this made any sense to the
others. "It was Pippin, he cried out in my head! Come, we have to find

Legolas and Aragorn went to see if the hobbits were still in
the ranger's room, while Gandalf decided to look in the kitchens and Gimli,
Éomer and Éowyn started a search of other parts of the castle.

The scene in the bedchamber did not bode well. The bed was
in disarray, with no sign of Merry or Pippin, then Aragorn noticed his bag was
opened and a few little things were spilled on the floor. "I'm glad I
didn't leave my poppy paste in there," he smiled and patted his chest pocket
where the box was stowed. "I'll wager that Pippin has been searching my
things again in the hope…Oh no! This is far worse! How could I have been so

"What is it?" Legolas's eyes widened as the ranger
frantically pulled things from his bag, obviously searching for something.

"The palantír! It's missing. Pippin must have taken it
– this is dire news indeed." Aragorn turned to the door, the elf at his
heels. "We must find Gandalf and the hobbits now. If Pippin has looked
into the palantír…"

"I know the consequences Aragorn. Come let us not waste
time or breath on words. Let us find them."


Pippin lay curled around the glass ball on the battlements
of the castle. As he gradually came to his senses the hobbit did not sit up but
lay with his eyes open, still staring at the globe pressed into his chest. He
wanted to look away, with all his being he longed to push the hateful thing
from him and cast it over the steep side of the castle wall. It was only a
short distance, without taking his eyes from the globe he could still see the
edge, but his will failed him. He could not move.

'Merry what have I done?' Pippin's mind was running in
anguished circles now, the memory of staring at the ball so frighteningly fresh
in his head. In reality several hours had passed, but it seemed like only a few
short minutes since the dark shadows had coalesced into terrifying forms,
twisted and distorted images that could not be, even in his worst imaginings.
Then HE had come!

"MY DAINTY," he had mocked the frightened hobbit.

Pippin had made no reply, his whole being was transfixed
with fear.

'SPEAK! ANSWER AT ONCE!' His cruel voice cut Pippin through
his heart, it hurt so badly he tried to speak just to make the pain stop.

'not hide – not – not knowed how!' He squeaked, it
was all he could manage.

'LIES!' He cut back at the hobbit. 'I WILL HAVE YOU NOW!

'gone – is gonned!' Pippin tried to clamp his mind
shut from thoughts of Merry. It was not easy and just the realisation that he
was being questioned about his cousin brought him into Pippin's undisciplined


Then He was gone. But as He withdrew a terrible shock
wrenched through Pippin and he screamed without making a sound, but there had
been a momentary flash of Legolas through his head and he heard the sound of
his own cry in the elf's mind. Then all conscious thought had died.

The hobbit did not know how long had passed until he
gradually came back to his senses, but since then Pippin had lain still, unable
to move. Perhaps it was an enchantment or perhaps just a trick of the mind but
the hobbit had remained paralysed.


Grima was pushing Merry rather than leading him, a procedure
the hobbit found very uncomfortable and unnerving. The others always took him
by the hand but Grima gripped Merry's upper arm, almost as if he were a
recalcitrant schoolboy caught in mischief, and marched him along at a smart

"Halfling, I think it would be better if I leave you
somewhere safe and conduct the search on my own." Grima's words
immediately put Merry on his guard. What was this man up to?

"I would rather come with you." Merry tried to
turn to face Grima as he spoke, but the man had too firm a grip on the hobbit's
arm. "Or take me to one of my friends, if you don't mind."

"I think not, Halfling." Grima was opening a door,
that much Merry could hear. Suddenly the hobbit was pushed forward. "You
wait there, I will find the other halfling and return."

"No! I want to come too. Please don't leave me
here." Merry's heart was thumping loudly as he turned and met the closed
door with his fists. His plea was answered by the sound of a key turning in the


"How long ago did you hear the scream?" Gandalf
sat at the scrubbed kitchen table opposite Legolas. Gimli sat next to the elf
and Aragorn paced the kitchen floor. They had searched all of Pippin and
Merry's usual haunts and found no evidence of either of them. Gandalf had
insisted they take stock and try to think the situation through rather than
rushing blindly about the castle.

The wizard was considering asking Théoden to bring his men
in from their war preparations to carry out a fuller search, but first he
wanted to calm his companions and see if they could not work out the problem by

"It was several hours since." Legolas shook his
head with worry. "I have heard no more from him. Nothing."

"Have you tried to contact him again?" Aragorn
paused in his pacing and came to the table. "Perhaps you should attempt

"I tried when I was running from the wood."

Legolas thought back to his frantic run. "But I was hurrying and maybe I
was not focussed enough."

"Please try once more, Legolas." Gandalf knew what
a strain it was putting on the elf. "If you think there is any chance he
might hear you now."

Legolas placed his hands on the table and closed his eyes,
reaching into his mind. Gimli noticed the trembling in the elf's arms that ran
through to his fingertips. He stood behind him and held his arms steady, as if
he were trying to leech his own strength into his companion.

'Pippin, Pippin. Little one, hear my voice – it's
Legolas. Can you speak to me?

'mmmrrmr' the slightest whimper flitted through the elf's

'Pip, Pippin we need to find you – where are you?'

'high – i up'

'Up where?'

'see stars'

'Pippin, tell me more. Can you tell me more?' Legolas
waited, straining to hear some extra words. But Pippin had gone. He could tell
that it had been a big effort on the part of the hobbit to manage as much as he

"I got a few words." Legolas opened his eyes and
reported. "He said 'high – I up' then he said 'see stars'."

Aragorn snapped his fingers. "He's on the


Grima Wormtongue had already reached that conclusion. He
knew the castle better than the recently arrived members of the Fellowship and
his search was efficient and thorough. As soon as he saw the halfling lying on
the battlements, pressed up against the wall, the palantír clutched to his
breast, he knew what had happened. The turncoat had been in the service of
Saruman long enough to know the properties of the Seeing Stone.

"So you have summoned the Nazgûl yourself, have
you." Grima looked down at Pippin and poked him with his foot. "I
know that trance. He has paralysed you this time so you cannot escape and will
send the winged black rider for you."

Grima wondered how long he had and how he could capitalise
on this situation. If he were to be present when the Nazgûl arrived and present
the other halfling as well, he could indeed claim favour with the Dark Lord.
Perhaps he would be given the stewardship of Isengard or even Edoras after the
war was won. Now that would be an opportunity.

The risk he would have to take would be in the timing. It
would not do to be discovered before he had handed the halflings over.

Suddenly his attention was drawn to the distant sky. A
shadow had passed over the moon. It was the Nazgûl. This was perfect. He would
hurry now and fetch the other one and be back just as the messenger landed.
Ready to present his offering to the Dark Lord.


Merry had finally grown too weary to hammer on the thick
wooden door and had slid down to the floor, resting his cheek against the solid
oak. He still cried out every so often in the vague hope that someone would
hear him, but no help came.

When Grima pulled the door open, Merry fell forwards as he
had been pressed up against it and had not heard the key turn. Quickly the man
grabbed the hobbit's arm and dragged him to his feet. Merry cried out and began
to protest, so Grima put his hand across the hobbit's mouth. "Be silent,
or I shall cut your throat."

Merry felt the sharp nick of a blade at his neck and stopped
struggling. He would be no use to Pippin if he got himself killed now. Grima
slowly took his hand away and resumed his vice-like grip on Merry's arm.

"Where are you taking me?" The hobbit writhed
slightly in the grip. "Where's Pippin. Did you take him away?"

"I know where he is, I'm taking you to see your little
friend." Grima sneered. "Oh but I forgot, you can't see him anyway,
can you. But we're going to find him anyway and then I have a second nice
surprise for you."

Grima hustled Merry along, pushing him up the steps to the


Pippin had just managed to answer Legolas with a couple of
tiny thoughts. He was not even sure if the elf had heard him, but if he had, he
was certain that Legolas could work out where he was.

Then from the corner of his eye he saw the evil man come
back and this time he
had Merry with him. His heart dropped. Whatever that man wanted, Pippin was
certain it wasn't good and now he had Merry in his clutches he knew it was
something very bad!

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