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Celeborn and Galadriel

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Silver and Gold : 3. Chapter 3

“It is beautiful,” Galadriel commented unnecessarily, with something
like regret in her voice, as she leaned from the streambank and let her
fingertips trail in the icy water. 
There were echoes of Lorien in the woods of Doriath, and it made
her almost homesick.

            “What’s the
matter?” Celeborn prompted, as if percieving her unspoken thoughts.  Melian had dressed her guest in a white
gown, and Galadriel’s hair shone like the sun rising over a snowy mountain.

ignored his query, and looked up to the canopy as she straightened.  “You should bring your young pupil here to
study.  The quiet might settle her.”

laughed his lovely laugh again, and leaned back against the mossy
tree-trunk.  “Luthien?  Study in the forest?  She’d be chasing butterflies and dancing to
the birdsong in no time.  Believe me,
I’ve tried… No, she stays more focused on her tasks indoors.”  He too let his gaze drift up to the
treetops, and the shafts of sunlight painting the forest floor with their warm
hues.  “I truly can’t blame her
though.  One could spend centuries with
these trees,” he murmured thoughtfully after a moment.  “And I intend to…”

fixed her gaze on him suddenly, and he blinked at the sharpness of it.

            “And yet,”
she began, “the world moves outside the protection of Melian and the safety of
Menegroth.  It is folly to ignore it.”

Celeborn agreed.  “As well as this
indescribable beauty, there exists fear and hate, and darkness beyond what I
could comprehend…”

raised an eyebrow as if he’d just stated something very obvious.

            “I have
learned the crafts of swordplay and archery…I have slain orcs and battled
goblins at the borders of Doriath.  But
I am no warrior,” he said quietly, looking at his ink-stained hands.  “Perhaps you think me weak.” He raised his
eyes to meet hers.

enough,” Galadriel began slowly, “I do not.”

            A smile
spread over Celeborn’s beautiful features, and he stood and moved to her side
at the streambank.  “Finrod and the sons
of Feänor go forth to battle the forces of Morgoth, while Celeborn is content
to teach runes and lore to a little princess and wander the woods of
Doriath.  But Galadriel does not scorn
him for this?” He sat beside her, eyes very serious.

smiled at him.  “Why is that?” she

laughed.  “Perhaps you ought to be
explaining it to me.”

            “Give it a
try.  I’ll let you know how close you

            Taking a
deep breath, Celeborn looked again at his hands, his expression serious once
more, then out into the forest.  “I
suppose…I am just too fond of beauty and of peace.  Should it become necessary, I will fight to protect this peace
with all of my strength and all of my will. 
But while I can, I would rather help to build it and make it prosper.”  He looked back to her.  “Something like that?” he inquired with a

who had been intent on the pieces of azure sky visible through the treetops,
met his gaze and returned his smile. 
She’d smiled before, but this time it seemed softer, somehow.  Not polite, or forced, or even merely
amused…and it lit her face as brightly as the late afternoon sun did her hair.

like that.”

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Celeborn and Galadriel are my second-fave 'ship. This is stories about them, and their relatives. Various characterizations and interpretations, but I love them all.

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By Oboe-Wan. The courtship of Celeborn and Galadriel in Doriath.


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