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The Strength of Your Love: 3. Chapter 3

Aragorn's POV :

The things I do for your love. Arwen, my dear if you could hear me... I am in the south in the lands of the Harad. The people here are different in appearance and demeanour. The rough lands kept bringing me back to the lush gardens of Rivendell. I miss you, so very much yet I pressed on. I travelled east making my way into Rhun. These lands are no far different from the south, riddled with rocks and full of peril. I have learned a great deal of the world and in time I hope to return to you...

I met a new friend today, my love. Gandalf they call him, a very wise man. He taught me a great deal of life and honour. I have been travelling with him but my thoughts were bent on you. Not long after we went our separate ways. I travelled to Moria through the gates of Dimrill. My eyes widened at the dwarf city. Your father was right. There are many things I needed to learn. I have met dwarves and hobbits. I have fought Orcs and goblins and all that while you were always on my mind, cheering me on.

I found myself in Rohan, pledged to ride with the King Thengel. Rohan was different from Harad or Rhun. Life flourished there and I found many women. But you have spoilt me for no other woman could tempt me. Your beauty surpassed all and your gentle soul triumphed over others. Even in the company of the Rohirrim my thoughts were bent on you...

I have reached Gondor my love. Can you hear me? My heart beats for you. The White City of Minas Tirith stood proud against the mountain. I joined the guards under the steward's charge. I kept my true self hidden, known only as Thorongil. I defeated the Corsairs at Umbar and I met the White Wizard. I told the steward not to trust him for I could see the shadow in his eyes. Arwen, my love...and then I left, just as swiftly as I came to the city. I left...

I was wearied from battles and my journeys. I am returning home to Imladris, my love. Can you hear me? Soon we will be together again and I hope you find me worthy of your love and affections. Alas, my body did not heed my heart. I wanted to reach Rivendell as fast as I could but my body was worn out. I travelled to Lorien to gain my strength. Believe me my love, even then my thoughts were bent on you.

Lorien, the Golden Woods was a magnificent place. The leaves turned gold in winter. I have rested for one day and you have been on my mind all this while. I feel closer to you and my heart could not be contained. I was restless and so I took to the path. For a moment there, I thought my eyes have deceived me. But there you were at the end of the path, beautiful as ever. Arwen Undomiel, my Evenstar. I thought I strayed into a dream yet again. But when you smiled and called my name, I was home. I was home...

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Last Update: 16 Jan 13
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Created By: EowynCeridwen

Romance and maybe some drama... :)

Why This Story?

Such a beautiful story about Aragorn and Arwen!


Story Information

Author: luthien85

Status: General

Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

Genre: Romance

Rating: General

Last Updated: 08/21/10

Original Post: 08/11/10

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