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Linaewen's 2008 Birthday Gifts: 3. Breaking News -- Tharbad (A Quadrabble) by Agape4Gondor

From the VBC Valinor, we now present Findaráto Ingoldo, better known to our Sindarin friends and Men as Finrod Felagund, with the news of the day.

Good evening. This is Findaráto bringing you the news of the West.

We have just received word from Tharbad, Eriador, Middle-earth. Boromir of Gondor visits that city. We now bring you this live report from our reporter, Fredegar Barliman. Fredegar, your family is from near Tharbad in Bree. Can you tell us what import this visit has upon Bree-land and Eriador?

Well, it seems Men have a difficult time with naming things and so, when the Númenóreans built a fort above the River Gwathló, they named it...

Excuse me, Fredegar. Perhaps you could skip the history and bring us the latest report? I understand there is breaking news?

Yes indeed. Rumor has it that Boromir, the Gondorian Steward's son, is riding up the Great South Road, and should be arriving in Tharbad within moments. I can tell you, the excitement here is near fever pitch.

Excuse me again, Fredegar. I had thought that Tharbad was deserted?

That is what everyone thinks, but then, why would the Captain-General of Gondor's armies be coming here?

A good point. Please continue.

There are some folk about. Not in the old city itself, totally destroyed of course, but someone has to tend the changing post for the horses that bring the Longbottom... er, there are a few families living about and all are bent on giving Lord Boromir a grand welcome.

Wait, wait. I see him. Turn the camera that way, Ferny, you sot! He's coming from the south! Findaráto, it is definitely the Steward's son; I can see the Horn of Gondor. I hope he'll wind it. It's supposed to be quite loud. Close to the sound of one of the great ship's horns that used to sail up this river. Oh my goodness gracious, he's taken a tumble. Indeed he has. Fell right into the river. Ah! Lost his horse, too. Wonder what he's going to do now? Well, Ferny, I'm sure he'll not be giving us an interview now. A wee bit embarrassed he'll be. Back to you, Findaráto.

Well, viewers, we seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. For further information and updates, please go to our website at www.vbc.com/tharbad. Of course, we will break into our regularly scheduled programming when further news is available.

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This is a playlist collection of the drabbles written in honor of another HASA member's 2008 birthday. Stories are alphabetical by recipient.

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Author: Linaewen

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Era: 3rd Age - Ring War

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Last Updated: 11/19/14

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