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December 9 - 16 singing eagles: 3. Jubilate Deo - by Raksha

JUBILATE DEO (song verses by JRRT from ROTK)

I had thought that nothing more could be lacking in the sudden  surge of sunlit warmth and hope that sprang up in the wake of the Shadow's  departure.  Then a great golden Eagle flew out of time-lost legends and  circled the City walls.  And it sang!

  Sing now, ye people of the Tower of  Anor,
for the  Realm of Sauron is ended for  ever,
and  the Dark Tower is thrown down.

The Eagle did not scream the words.  A voice like unto that of Men issued from its beak, the words ringing like bells in my heart.  As I  listened, I thought I heard my father's voice in that first verse.

           Sing  and rejoice, ye people of the Tower of  Guard,
for your  watch hath not been in  vain,
and the  Black Gate is  broken,
and your  King hath passed  through,
and he is victorious.

Eowyn, pressed closely against me, lifted her head to hear the  tidings belling out in the warming air.  I caught my breath as the Eagle  sang the second verse; for I heard Boromir's beloved voice raised within  it.  

Sing and be glad, all ye children of the  West,
for your  King shall come  again,
and he  shall dwell among  you
all  the days of your life.

Tears of joy welled up in my eyes.  In that third verse, I  discerned Mithrandir's voice, newly mirthful as a wind of spring blowing through  trees.  

The eagle descended then, and hovered just above us.  The last time a  flying creature of such unnatural size had hunted me, it had brought terror that had nearly stopped my heart with its chill.  But this majestic beast looked  down at me; I saw its eyes, full of wisdom and truth and a rising hope.   The Eagle circled us once, the unveiled Sun gilding its mighty wings.  Then it ascended and sang out its final verse in a voice I had never heard before and can never forget.

And the Tree that was withered shall be  renewed,
and he  shall plant it in the high  places,
and the City shall be blessed.

            Sing all  ye people!"

I am not accustomed to losing myself in deep tides of feeling.   Since early childhood; I have been schooled to set an example of strength and constancy as a Lord of Gondor.  I released my joy in tears of gladness, mingled with Eowyn's own, as we stood close, arms and hands intertwined.   As the Eagle flew high and away, I sang out to all the people who could hear my  lesser voice, and was answered.  The White City erupted in song, down to  the Gates and out, it seemed to the very edge of the Anduin.  And in that  moment, I knew that my happiness for the Shadow's end was equaled by the certain  knowledge that I could win Eowyn's heart in this new and changed  world.   

The old tales tell that the great Eagles were the messengers of the Lords  of the West.  Surely the golden harbinger who sang us news of victory  belonged to that legendary race. If he were not Thorondor himself, then mayhap the Eagle was one of his sons.  I wondered though, at the last voice that  had sang from the Eagle's beak:  a voice as kind as a brother's, yet  stronger than mountains, gentle as a rippling brook but powerful as the winter wind.  

We will never know whether it was the voice of Manwë, Lord of the Air and first of the Lords of the Valar, that came from the Eagle's throat.  But we  will never forget the song.

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