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Silver and Gold : 2. Chapter 2

“My Lord, Lord Finrod and Lady
Galadriel, guests of Doriath,” the sentry at the door to Thingol’s study
announced firmly.


looked up from a table covered in plans and sketches, stood, and smiled as he
set his quill down.

my little blossom,” he laughed as the little girl ran up to him and he scooped
her up into his arms.

            “I see
you’ve greeted our guests, Luthien,” Melian, who had also been intent on the
drawing, stated as she too got to her feet, looking amused.  She raised her eyebrows at Celeborn, who
smiled apologetically.

            “And we are
very grateful for your hospitality,” Galadriel interjected gracefully.

smiled, and it was obvious where Luthien had inherited her remarkable
beauty.  While Luthien was a lovely
child, a tiny flower bud, Melian was a glowing rose in full bloom.  “But we have hardly been hospitable, when
our guests still stand travel-weary at our threshold.”

Thingol agreed, putting his daughter down so that she could scamper to her
mother.  “Though I have many questions
for the children of Finarfin, I will wait until you’ve rested, and hopefully,
can join us in our evening meal.”

            “Come, let
me show you your accommodations,” Melian bade, stepping forward.  “Architecture wearies me so quickly

and Finrod exchanged a quick glance. 
They must be welcome indeed for the lady of the realm to lead them to
their rooms.

            “And you,
my Luthien,” Melian continued, kneeling to kiss the child’s forehead, “will
return to your lessons.  And I hope I
will not hear of you running away from Celeborn again,” she added with a touch
of sternness.

            “You won’t,
Mother,” Luthien assured her, a bit too quickly.  She ran over to plant a kiss on her father’s
cheek, then returned docilely to Celeborn’s side and was handed a book and a

            “In an hour
or so, someone will ready your baths and lay clothes out for you for dinner,”
Melian told her guests as she led them down a corridor.  “Until then, please rest, and if you need
anything, just come back to the study.” 
Melian smiled warmly at them, indicated a doorway, and turned to return
the way she’d come.

            “Well that
was an unmistakable ‘don’t explore,’wouldn’t you say?” Finrod muttered to
Galadriel, a smile quirking at his lips.



His hair shimmered like mithril in
the candlelight.

blinked, and turned her eyes and attention back the conversation.  It was just too easy to stare at the shiny
things across the dinner table.  But
Celeborn was deeply engrossed in the conversation and hadn’t noticed.

            “If you
would form parties that would venture just outside Doriath, there would be so
much less work for the border sentries,” Finrod was explaining animatedly.

            “The theory
is sound,” Thingol agreed, “but Menegroth’s stance is defensive.  Not many other than our own people know
we’re here, and I should prefer to keep it that way.”

            “If you’ll
forgive me, your Majesty,” Finrod began, lips thinning, and golden curls
falling into his eyes, “a hole is only so defensible.”

eyebrows shot up, and Celeborn picked up a napkin to stifle his chuckle.

paused.  “Be that as it may, it becomes
more so when ones enemies don’t know that there is anything hiding in that

            “My Lord,
there always exists the possibility that one’s hole will be discovered,” Finrod
pointed out. 

            “My dear
boy,” Thingol said slowly, “Menegroth is not precisely a ‘hole.’”

            “You have
precautions in the event of an invasion then?” he asked curiously.

went on to explain them in great detail, and Melian, seated beside Galadriel,
with Luthien curled up asleep beside her with her head in her mother’s lap,
leaned closer to begin a new conversation.

brother is refreshingly bold.  So many
defer to my husband even when they disagree with him.  It’s pleasant when someone counters his opinions so
fearlessly.  Even if it does involve
calling our kingdom a hole,” she laughed.

laughed as well, and shook her head.  “I
love Finrod dearly, but sometimes he’s not much of a diplomat.”

smiled.  “There are more important
virtues than diplomacy,” she commented, running her fingers through Luthien’s
raven hair.  “And what do you think of
our city?”

remarkable,” Galadriel replied easily. 
“I magnificent tribute to the collaboration of the children of Aüle and
the people of Varda.  But I must admit…”
she added with a hesitant smile, “I find the forest of Doriath more

smiled softly.  “It is so like Lorien,
and so unlike it,” she said softly.  “It
breaks my heart and soothes my soul. 
But there is a wildness in it that Lorien did not have.  Much like my Luthien,” she added, smiling at
the child, peaceful and angelic in sleep.

Galadriel,” Thingol spoke up, “will you do us the honor of joining your brother
and I on a tour of the city this afternoon?” 
He seemed delighted at the opportunity.

opened her mouth to accept, but Melian spoke first.

            “My love, I
have just offered her a tour of the forest.  And I believe I know a guide.” 
Melian smiled.

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Celeborn and Galadriel are my second-fave 'ship. This is stories about them, and their relatives. Various characterizations and interpretations, but I love them all.

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