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Legacy: 13. Appendix B - Cast of Characters

Extended Hobbit Genealogy PDF. This is a ten page PDF, 38KB, which combines the Baggins, Took, and Brandybuck genealogies from LOTR, plus contains original characters and speculations on marriages and relations. Additions are all marked in teal.

    Main characters - have speaking parts or feature strongly
  • Bilbo - Bilbo Baggins
  • Dilly - Original Character, Daffodil (Burrows) Brandybuck, Mac's wife
  • Esmie - Esmeralda (Took) Brandybuck, wife of Sara, sister of Pal
  • Frodo - Frodo Baggins
  • Hamfast - Hamfast Gamgee, Gardener at Bag Eng
  • Gilda - Menegilda (Goold) Brandybuck, current Mistress of Buckland
  • Mac - Merimac Brandybuck, Rory's second son
  • Maddie - Original Character, Head cook of Brandy Hall, would oversee all food storage and preparation
  • Merle - Original Character, Emerald Brandybuck, Sara and Esmie's daughter, Merry's sister
  • Merry - Meriadoc Brandybuck, Sara and Esmie's son
  • Rory - Rorimac Brandybuck, current Master of Buckland
  • Sara - Saradoc Brandybuck, Rory's son, Heir to the Master of Buckland

    Secondary characters - Are mentioned in the story and/or have non-speaking parts
  • Asphodel - Asphodel Brandybuck, Rory's second oldest living sister
  • Bard/Wilibard - Original Character, Wilibald and Prisca's son
  • Berry - Berilac Brandybuck, Mac and Dilly' son, Merry and Merle's first cousin
  • Bertie - Filibert Bolger- 1st cousin by marriage to Bilbo
  • Drogo - Drogo Baggins, Frodo's deceased father
  • Eglantine - Eglantine (Banks) Took, Pal's wife
  • Flame - Flambard Took, son of Isembard, first cousin to Rory and Bilbo
  • Fort - Fortinbras II, Rum's father and previous Thain, first cousin to Bilbo and Rory
  • Fred/Wilifred - Original Character, Wilibald and Prisca's son
  • Gis - Sigismond Took, son of Hildebrand, first cousin to Rory and Bilbo
  • Ham - Original Character, Blacksmith in Newbury, Buckland
  • Lob Tapman- Semi-Original Character, Owner and Inn-keep of The Green Dragon in Bywater
  • Maggot - Farmer Maggot, owner of Bamfurlong
  • Pal - Paladin Took II, Heir to the Thain of the Shire.
  • Pasco Goodbody - Original Character, Current Mayor of Michel Delving
  • Poppy - Poppy (Chubb-Baggins) Bolger, Bertie's wife, 1st cousin to Bilbo
  • Prim - Primula (Brandybuck) Baggins, Frodo's deceased mother
  • Prisca - Prisca (Baggins) Bolger, 2nd cousin to Bilbo
  • Rum - Ferumbras III, current Thain of the Shire
  • Saradas - Saradas Brandybuck, Rory's oldest brother
  • Tilly - Original Character, Tilly Bolger, Bard's daughter
  • Wili/Wilibald - Wilibald Bolger, 2nd cousin by marriage to Bilbo

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