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Dwimordene's 2008 Birthday fics: 13. Inevitable - by Gwynnyd


Honeysuckle always bloomed on the terrace.  Elrond gently fingered one of the fragile blooms that had darkened to gold and leaned in to breathe the sweet scent.  The vine was old.  Celebrian had laughed and suckled their sons and daughter under its arching stems. Surely it was an allowable use of the power of Vilya to keep her memory alive here under the flower that echoed her blend of gold and silver and sweetness.

His family would be gathered together again soon: Arwen, returned from a sojourn in Lorien, where he hoped she would have regained some of the joy that drained from her as the Age darkened; and his sons, the young son of his heart being taught by his twin sons the ways of war and Men in the wild, had come home.  

Firm footsteps sounded, and he turned to see that, in the months he had been gone, Estel had put off the child. He would be greater still in mind and body, but now a fine man approached him, tall, fair of face, grave of mien but with a wellspring of joy within, strong and kingly as was fitting in a descendent of Elros and Elendil.

"My son. Welcome home!" He held out his arms for an embrace.

Estel stopped short of hugging range and gave a deep reverence.

"Sir."  He straightened and Elrond saw him square his shoulders and take a deep breath.  "Returning to Rivendell from the Wild, we fell in with a party from Lorien and I met your daughter."

A cold qualm settled in Elrond's heart and he let his arms drop.

"She is all that is most fair. I loved her from the moment I saw her, and, against all my expectations, she loves me as well.  We stood on the pinnacle of the High Pass with all of Middle-earth spread out below us in the gold light of sunset, and she made her choice to marry me.  Life is short for Men.  We spoke our vows then and there."

Elrond closed his eyes and bowed his head, staring into an abyss, until he felt Arwen's gentle touch and voice.  "Father?  I knew we should have come together to tell you of our happiness.  Estel feared you would be wroth at our impetuosity, but I know you wish all your children to find the same joy you found with mother.  And I - and we have. "

He opened his eyes and saw that she had one hand entwined with her… husband's hand.  There was no mistaking the ties that bound them nor the joy in his daughter's heart.

"We have taken thought for the future," Estel said.  "I know I am only Gilraen's bastard, but I have some blood of Numenor from her, and I found this trip that Men will follow me."

"He did great deeds," Arwen insisted.

Estel shook his head.  "There are many in the Wild who turn to darkness because they have nowhere else to go. Arwen and I will forge a new kingdom along Anduin to give them hope and show them the right cause to fight for.  We can do this and will be your ally in the dark times ahead."

It was done and could not be undone.  The scent of honeysuckle grew stronger and a fleeting moment of warmth and love touched him.  He knew Celebrian would not expect Arwen to be at his side when he finally sought the West.  Elrond clasped Estel's - Aragorn's - shoulder and gave a rueful smile.  "There is something you should know about your father."

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