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Morgoth's Notebook: 1. The Quest of the Simaril

So many ideas – so little time to write stories - between the torture and this stupid siege and admiring my Simarils. So I decided to write them down. This is my first idea and it is a good one.

The Quest of the Simaril
by Morgoth Bauglir

Fëanor returns from Mandos to claim the Simarils he still foolishly believes to be his. He fights his way across the countryside to Argbund, a magnificent fortress where the genius and powerful Margath – a misunderstood lord – is currently living. Margath is not his real name, however, but an affectionate nickname given to him by Fëanor. His real name is Malkor. There is no other dark lord quite as powerful and good looking, and his power and good looks are only rivaled by Fëanor, the spirit of fire. (A/N: Ooh..I just got chills). Anyway, when Fëanor arrives at Argbund, he is captured and brought before Margath, who spares his life. Fëanor demands the Simarils but Margath doesn’t give him the Simarils, but Fëanor spends the night, and much to Margoth’s dismay, nothing happens, even though they drink lots of the famed brew of Argbund. The next day they wake up and my Simarils are gone. Margoth blames Fëanor, but Fëanor points out, wisely, that if he had taken the Simarils, he would be long gone too.

Margoth and Fëanor decide to go in search of the Simarils together. Many things happen along the way. Some possibilities:
- Fëanor is caught bathing in a stream by Margoth.
- Fëanor is injured and Margath nurses him back to health
- They have tea with Glaurung

Along the way they realize that a deep respect and affection is growing between them. Both try to fight it, which causes lots of tension and angst. Big fight scene here. They aren’t speaking. Maybe this is where Fëanor gets hurt and then Morgoth can help him or something. Lots of tension until they kiss. Big love scene.

The next morning they are both feeling uncomfortable, but Simaril forgotton, they head back to Argbund. They kill Sauron there in a very unfortunate accident involving mistaken identity. Once there, Fëanor professes his love for Margath and they have the first cross-racial marriage in Arda. Shortly after (epilogue maybe?) they find the Simarils there in Angband with a note from Sauron. He had hidden them in an attempt to get the two together. Nobody mourns his death anyway.

The End.

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Last Update: 10 Apr 05
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Created By: Dark Powers Palace

Here be tales of the dark side, evil places and wicked folk. Frightening or humorous - and sometimes both - these stories tell of Tolkien's villains.

Warning, this is the dark side, and there is one adult rated story in the playlist.

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Why This Story?

The most hystericaly funny look at Morgoth's diary ever imagined.


Story Information

Author: Arandil

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Humor

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/12/06

Original Post: 08/20/04

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