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Shocks In Erebor ~ by Nieriel Raina

Greenwood Prince Series: What will happen when Legolas keeps his promise to Gimli to visit the Lonely Mountain? He'll be shocked, of course! The sequel to Surprises in the Greenwood

The Greenwood Prince Series #3


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 On Friendly Terms With The Dwarves 1,778 01 Mar 09
2 A Nod Of Approval 1,396 01 Mar 09
3 Might Be Fun After All 2,129 01 Mar 09
4 Beginning To Get Angry 1,219 01 Mar 09
5 Apologize And Quickly Leave 1,178 01 Mar 09
6 Of All The Stupid Ignorant Things To Do 1,036 01 Mar 09
7 Wandering In Different Directions 1,012 01 Mar 09
8 Unable To Move 935 01 Mar 09
9 Dwarven Battle Cries 1,066 22 Jul 09
10 Never Quite Be The Same 1,100 22 Jul 09
Appx. Word Count 12,849  


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Last Update: 09 Sep 06
Stories: 44
Type: Reader List
Created By: Mar'isu

Legolas and Gimli. Acting, reacting, interacting.

Why This Story?

Legolas and Gimli visit Gimli's home. Chaos, predictably ensues.


Story Information

Author: Nieriel Raina

Status: General

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - Post-Ring War

Genre: Humor

Rating: General

Last Updated: 02/17/11

Original Post: 09/05/06

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