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Fortunate Son ~ by Ëarmírë

A tale of Eldarion. Does being born in a new Age wipe history out of your fate? A young man coming to terms with blood, sweat, and tears. Features Faramir, Celeborn, the Gondor royals, Glorfindel and lots of drama, action and romance - or will feature soon.


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Last Update: 05 May 10
Stories: 4
Type: Reader List
Created By: Casso

Stories featuring Eldarion

Why This Story?

An uncompleted story of Eldarion et al. I read this first and then read the others to try and figure out what might have happened. Be prepared to be left desperately wanting to know.


Story Information

Author: Ëarmírë


Completion: Work in Progress

Era: 4th Age

Genre: General

Rating: General

Last Updated: 01/06/09

Original Post: 07/06/03

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