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The Rose In The Fisted Glove ~ by Jael

"As the barren years passed, he wondered if perhaps the Valar were punishing him for his sins, for in his heart, he felt his sins were many."

A story of the Dagorlad; its eve and its aftermath through the eyes of Prince Thranduil of the Greenwood and his esquire. Slash, rated hard R to NC-17.


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 No Man Is A Hero 3,841 15 Feb 07
2 The Elvenking 1,692 24 Feb 07
Appx. Word Count 5,533  


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Last Update: 14 Sep 14
Stories: 6
Type: Reader List
Created By: oshun

Chosen for POV, military details, canon facts relating to Greenwood/Mirkwood Elves.

Why This Story?

Great Thranduil, military, slash by Jael.


Story Information

Author: Jael

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: Akallabêth/Last Alliance

Genre: Drama

Rating: Adult

Last Updated: 02/26/07

Original Post: 10/12/06

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