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December 24 - 1 golden ring ~ by HASA Workshop

Today's writing "mathom" is:

one golden ring

Write whatever you feel like – a drabble, a poem or a short story.


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 All that Glitters - by Agape4Gondor 78 24 Dec 05
2 Untitled - by Aranel Took 100 24 Dec 05
3 Planning Ahead - by Gwynnyd 950 31 Dec 05
4 Snapshots - by RiverOtter 87 31 Dec 05
Appx. Word Count 1,215  


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Last Update: 29 Dec 05
Stories: 24
Type: Workshop/Group List
Created By: Yule Mathoms Challenge 2005

Thanks to Juno-Magic and Aranel Took, HASA members were presented with 24 cues to use to create presents of stories, drabbles, and poems for the Yule season in 2005. Many members contributed many wonderful "mathoms" for you to enjoy. Find them all collected here.

Why This Story?

The twenty-fourth, and last, set of mathoms


Story Information

Author: HASA Workshop

Status: General

Completion: Ongoing Serial

Era: Multi-Age

Genre: Other

Rating: General

Last Updated: 12/31/05

Original Post: 12/18/05

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