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The Reaches of the North ~ by sindarinelvish

Book Three of The Paths of the King. After accepting his destiny with the encouragement of his mother Gilraen's relatives, Aragorn begins his journey to kingship by becoming the chieftain of the Dúnedain. His adventures with the Rangers take him as close as Rivendell and as far away as the frozen wasteland Forochel. Along the way, he learns the skills of being a Ranger and a leader, meets new friends and is reacquainted with old friends.


Chapter List

Ch# Title # Words Updated
1 Fare Thee Well 1,778 11 Feb 06
2 Fornost 3,603 17 Jan 06
3 Amon Sûl 2,030 17 Jan 06
4 The Chieftain’s Request 1,362 17 Jan 06
5 Of Women and Elves 2,757 17 Jan 06
6 Survival Training 7,246 17 Jan 06
7 The Swearing at Annúminas 7,771 17 Jan 06
8 Seed Money 5,323 17 Jan 06
9 The Hobbit and the Gulls 5,697 11 Feb 06
10 Meeting the Wizard 2,181 17 Jan 06
11 The Council at Rivendell 9,820 17 Jan 06
Appx. Word Count 49,568  


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Last Update: 25 Mar 06
Stories: 25
Type: Reader List
Created By: viggomaniac

A place to find the best stories about Aragorn in any of his many roles -- Estel, Thorongil, Aragorn, etc. I'm just getting started so expect to see a lot more stories here.

Why This Story?

Another 'Aragorn comes of age' story, dealing with his role as Chief of the Dunedain.


Story Information

Author: sindarinelvish

Status: Reviewed

Completion: Complete

Era: 3rd Age - The Stewards

Genre: Action

Rating: General

Last Updated: 02/25/06

Original Post: 09/25/05

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