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Subject Created By Posts Last Post
Reactivating a forum Adaneth 3 10 Jul 12 10:29 AM
Review Etiquette Query Aruthir 3 26 Feb 12 1:48 PM
HASA how-tos: things you'd like to see Nath 1 21 Aug 11 12:42 AM
Oliphaunts and Forums thelauderdale 4 27 Jun 11 8:15 PM
MEFA (and other) award banners Azalais 5 14 Dec 10 9:01 AM
Stories with more than one author Chelle 3 15 Mar 10 8:38 AM

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Do you have a question about HASA?

This forum is to gather together questions about the site, its features, how to do things, and just about anything else you can think of. It replaces all of the old FAQ forums scattered around the site and puts them together in one place.

This forum is open for all HASA members to post to and for all of the public to read. Please keep your posts suitable for a general audience. If you don't want to post your question here, you can send a question directly to the Site Manager using the site contact form.

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