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Subject Created By Posts Last Post
Workshop is ready! HASA Workshop 1 10 Apr 05 1:25 PM
Capture the Fire, Forge the Iron Meril 10 09 Apr 05 8:06 AM
Beta Request Beregond5 3 31 Mar 05 1:08 AM
Alasse Sophia Silfaery 4 26 Mar 05 11:43 AM
I need a beta... really MysticGirl 2 26 Mar 05 11:34 AM
Alma's Muse: Stories of Legolas Greenleaf Alma's Muse 1
21 Mar 05 6:59 AM
Seeking beta for multi-part story (adult content) kenaz 2
05 Mar 05 1:04 PM
Beta needed for Major A/U Elf lovers come hence Sophia Silfaery 1 05 Mar 05 12:59 PM
Help! This could be great! Soubrettina 3 05 Mar 05 6:54 AM
Looking for help in tidying up 'arty' short Soubrettina 2 20 Feb 05 11:13 AM
Need a beta? Look no further! Bridiliel - Delete 5 18 Feb 05 8:44 PM
Beta(s?) for a novel-length Fëanor/Galadriel Saeriel 1 15 Feb 05 1:15 PM
Need beta for a vignette set in Mt. Doom EowynRohan 2 15 Feb 05 10:36 AM
My Research Article Regarding Elves and Sexuality Bridiliel - Delete 3
04 Feb 05 9:04 AM
Not yet desperate - but getting very close Agape4Gondor 2 04 Feb 05 8:13 AM
Beta Needed for a WIP Minuialeth 3 02 Feb 05 9:20 AM
Small Offerings Denna 1 02 Feb 05 7:52 AM
Abrecan Rhapsody 8 15 Jan 05 12:24 PM
Valarnor the Great: Beta Needed desperately! Mighty Vala 1 20 Dec 04 9:39 AM
G ghettoelleth 1 14 Dec 04 1:30 AM
The Tides of Time and the Bones of the Earth JunoMagic 1
02 Dec 04 8:25 AM
General Discussion HASA Workshop 2 24 Nov 04 8:58 PM
Morgoth's Notebook Arandil 3 24 Nov 04 8:01 PM
Aearon Dun Aeneid 2
24 Nov 04 6:24 PM
Flowers of Angmar Cold Like Fire 1 16 Nov 04 5:54 AM

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Thread Info

This discussion is a place for authors looking for a beta reader and members willing to offer beta reading services to "try each other on for size". You can use it to form an author-beta pair for either a single story or for a longer term relationship spreading over many stories. You can also use it if you are interested in forming a beta circle of perhaps three to five members who will work intensively together over the long term.

Members interested in offering beta reading services will be able to quickly find story extracts from authors who want betas. New members, who may be unclear what being a beta involves or unsure whether they can be a good beta, can try out the role and receive feedback. You may find it useful to read the research articles Beta reading at HASA and Beta reading samples to understand the different types of beta reading that exist and how beta readers work with authors.

To keep the process comfortable and smooth for participants, this forum will have more structure than most; we ask all involved to read and abide by the rules of the forum. These can be found in the threads How it works - authors and How it works - beta readers. If posts do not adhere to these rules, the poster will be asked to amend them. If the post is not amended, it will be deleted.

A beta relationship will need frankness, but we also remind everyone to please treat each other with civility when undertaking the tricky task of giving and receiving beta advice.

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