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Faramir Altariel 16 27 Dec 02 11:39 AM
Aragorn Dwimordene 18 18 Dec 02 5:01 AM
Dare I suggest.... Bilbo? Ariel 19 15 Dec 02 9:28 PM
Some Theoretical Perspectives Altariel 17 15 Dec 02 3:07 PM
Denethor Dwimordene 20 14 Dec 02 12:56 AM

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This forum is for all those who are considering entering the Mary Sue Challenge, or who are interested in it but perhaps somewhat timid. Questions about this challenge? Questions about plotlines you're working on? Any insights from the experienced OFC writers among us as to how to go about addressing some of the challenges of this particular genre?

I'm setting this up by character: so if you're dealing with Legolas, go to the Legolas topic; Faramir writers, create a Faramir topic; Boromir, etc. There is also one main thread that's a melange where we can talk about more general plot points.

Come, share your high points and your hang ups, and get that story written!

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