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Ascension shadow975 7 24 Apr 03 9:55 PM
Green Eyed Monsters/two triolets for fur shadow975 14 18 Apr 03 4:29 AM
beruthiel powzie 5 16 Apr 03 10:24 PM
strength of love powzie 14 12 Apr 03 8:00 AM
process powzie 13 08 Apr 03 2:39 AM
love challenge powzie 8 04 Apr 03 1:45 PM
Finduilas Villanelle alawa 4 13 Mar 03 8:34 AM

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I am a new member, and I have never written for the public before (except for non fiction - press releases, and some small biographies in my other life)

I am anxious and grateful for any feedback and criticism.

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