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Back from my holiday Anglachel 1 22 Jan 05 6:16 PM
Questions about Boromir & travel Anglachel1 1 18 Mar 03 8:06 PM
Finduilas epic? Dwimordene 11 13 Mar 03 10:25 PM
Summaries and Characters Dagmar 2 07 Feb 03 4:19 PM
Off on a Holiday Anglachel 1 17 Jan 03 2:53 PM
Galadriel in the Second Age Celandine Brandybuck 12 05 Dec 02 4:26 PM

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Hello! Welcome to Anglachel's personal discussion. Please feel free to jump in at any time, post a message to an existing topic or create a new one.

Glad you're here!


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