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Bad Declines, or, What Is a Flame, Anyhow? Celandine Brandybuck 18 21 Apr 04 6:04 PM
The 'Good' Decline Lyllyn 109 05 Mar 04 11:46 PM
The Decline of Humor Lyllyn 26 28 Feb 04 9:43 AM
poetry declines powzie 22 27 Feb 04 12:29 PM
Evaluating AUs Lyllyn 32 24 Feb 04 12:37 PM
What others are saying on the WWW Born On Sofa 9 24 Aug 03 12:14 PM
Useful decline comments - II Lyllyn 54 22 Aug 03 11:53 AM
Evolving decline list Lyllyn 95 20 Aug 03 6:42 PM
The ones 'in the middle' Lyllyn 48 12 Aug 03 7:24 PM
The ones at the bottom... Lyllyn 28 11 Aug 03 5:08 PM

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The decline: some of us fear the day one will come. Others are all too familiar with them. None of us really like to give them, and we all wish we could do it better.

This discussion was inspired by interest in the 'good' decline, wherein a reviewer has obviously read the submission carefully, thought about it in depth, and written a review that explains their thinking. I want to explore how to write a decline to be of use to the author, and discuss how a decline can help the author to write better.

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