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Cannot Add Main Characters Corsair_Caruso 3 22 Nov 14 10:04 PM
Comment e-mails Adaneth 3 23 Mar 10 7:33 AM
Review button error? thelauderdale 5 05 Feb 10 3:47 PM
Cannot Locate Story thelauderdale 2 04 Jan 10 6:12 AM
Fonts are too small Orondo Brandybuck 2 01 Jan 10 12:59 PM
Rules about site error reporting Anglachel 1 28 Dec 09 12:58 PM
Research Library linking thelauderdale 2 28 Dec 09 9:00 AM
Login form obscured by navigation bar Anglachel 1 26 Dec 09 1:02 PM
Report site errors and potential bugs here Anglachel 7 26 Dec 09 12:50 PM
First bug report - URL rewriting Anglachel 1 21 Dec 09 1:13 PM

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If you encounter any error messages or problems when using the site, please report it here. Start a new thread for each new error.

Please include:

  1. A detailed description of the error
  2. A copy of the error message, if available
  3. The computer OS of your system (Mac, Windows, Linux) and what version (OS X, Win 7, Red Hat, etc.)
  4. The type of browser you are using (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.) and the version.

If possible, please visit this site - http://supportdetails.com/ - and use the form to send your system specifications. Send it to hasatechsupport (at) henneth-annun.net .

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