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2010 May Treasure Hunt HASA Challenges 4 01 May 10 1:37 PM
2010 March Treasure Hunt HASA Challenges 2 15 Mar 10 6:58 PM
2010 February Treasure Hunt HASA Challenges 10 08 Mar 10 7:28 PM
2010 January Treasure Hunt HASA Challenges 8 07 Feb 10 8:12 AM

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This is the Challenge Forum for the recurring HASA challenge, Treasure Hunt.

Each month, a new treasure hunt happens:

  1. Locate the Treasure link hidden on the Challenges home page. That is your story focus.
  2. Select a Treasure from any other publicly viewable section of the web site. The public sections besides Challenges are: HASA Home, Stories, Playlists, Forums, Resources, and About.
  3. Write a story of any type or length using those two treasures. Drabbles, poetry, vignettes, short stories, longer than that - all are welcome.
  4. Link to the two treasures in the story.
  5. If you can make use of more than one treasure in crafting your tale, go for it! Just be sure to link.

Check this forum each month for news and notes about the current treasure hunt.

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