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Where the stars are strange Vilwarin 11 21 Jul 06 3:07 AM
The Silmarillion and LotR geography rawr_balrog 9 30 May 05 1:16 PM
The Climate of Rohan. Malva Headstrong 7 21 Feb 05 3:45 PM
Where is ... Leaward 5 28 Sep 04 4:51 PM
Travel times on horseback Lyllyn 177 14 Sep 04 10:49 PM
Regional climates and stuff Dwimordene 12 25 May 04 11:38 AM
Inn or Pub in Buckland? Thevina Finduilas 3 16 Sep 03 9:34 PM
The Shire - Distances Anglachel 2 18 Feb 03 12:32 PM
Houses of Healing? lindelea 4 10 Feb 03 9:54 AM

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A general discussion for anything that pertains to the geography of Middle-earth. Maps, distances, road systems, etc., it all belongs here.

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