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Plagiarism?! JunoMagic 22 23 Mar 07 5:49 AM
Plagairism and Accusations Dawn Felagund 5 05 Dec 06 11:14 PM
Thoughts on Writing: Crafting Original Work Anglachel 24 22 Nov 06 11:36 AM
Other sites involved Agape4Gondor 1 20 Nov 06 8:51 PM
Sidenote EdorasLass 1 19 Nov 06 7:13 PM

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This forum is intended for wide ranging discussions of how writing fanfiction relates to originality and authority. What is the fanfiction author bringing to the reproduction of JRRT's fantasy universe? How does originality manifest itself? What kind of "authority" is in operation in a work of fanfiction? What is the relationship between canon and fanon? What is plagiarism in this context? Nothing in this forum should be construed as legal advice on copyright or intellectual property issues.

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