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Welcome to The HASA Writers' Circle! Here, members can make friends with other writers and develop their writing skills. Regular assignments and feedback from others provide a chance to find out about different techniques and how to use them effectively in your own writing.

Members submit their responses to assignments on the understanding that they will receive honest (but, we hope, courteous!) feedback from others. All members (not just those submitting responses) are encouraged to offer politely worded critiques on others' efforts and to review at least twice as many pieces as they submit.

Full details of how the Writers' Circle works can be found in the Rules for the Writers' Circle thread. Please read it before you make your first post.

Please note that the Writers' Circle is still in a pilot stage and we will be reviewing the way it works after a few weeks. If you have any suggestions for how the group should be run, please leave them in the Rules for the Writers' Circle thread.

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