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VmE Sauron Day Listicle Challenge Nath 5 02 May 14 10:33 PM

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Listicles. Clickbait. And a good way to waste time online.

To celebrate the destruction of the One RIng, we offer the Listicle Challenge: represent any event in Middle-earth as a listicle, for instance:

  • Five reasons Sauron should have won the Ring War (a fairly straightforward listicle, and very much like a 'Five things that never happened to Character X' AU)
  • You won't believe the ten incredible things the Moria Balrog said to Gandalf (a much more Upworthy approach)

Stories should preferably be between 500 and 1500 words, but longer or shorter is fine. They can be serious or funny, AU, any age, any characters, as long as they're listicles

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