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September 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 1 24 Aug 14 6:50 AM
August 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 1 29 Jul 14 11:35 AM
July 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 1 27 Jun 14 12:52 PM
May 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 6 07 Jun 14 9:02 AM
June 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 1 24 May 14 8:46 AM
April 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 7 06 Apr 14 5:44 AM
January 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 13 28 Feb 14 10:00 PM
March 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 1 26 Feb 14 9:44 AM
February 2014 Birthday Cards Imhiriel 1 27 Jan 14 2:51 PM

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Is it your birthday? Then come, give us a theme, and we'll give you a drabble! Your theme could be very specific ("Black Riders on Weathertop!") or rather broad ("Something about singing in Middle-earth") or it could be a question—you choose. Please post your "birthday card" theme under the month you were born in and don't hesitate to let the list know.

Advisory: Please use your judgment in reading. Some members, having achieved official maturity, may request a birthday card not suitable for those still in their troubled Tweens.

Birthday drabbles are collected in two places. The first is the birthday challenge itself. The second is a birthday challenge workshop. The challenges collect the birthday stories on a month-by-month basis, while the workshop puts together a list for the entire year.

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