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Concerning Hobbits

I had originally written one drabble about Bungo and Belladonna as a birthday-fic, and I now find them springing up like daffodils in Spring! Rather than clog up the Birthday Forum with them, should I be better served turning them into chapters of a longer piece? Help me, HASA Forums- you're my only hope!



Re: Concerning Hobbits

I don't see why you can't do both up to a point (although I have written 1500-word drabbles for birthdays as well, so the point is slightly moot) - the B'day forum is meant to overflow with fics *g*, and bundling them in a story makes sense too. And there's always putting a link to the finished product in the forum...



Re: Concerning Hobbits

Thanks Nath. When it's your birthday, let me know.



Re: Concerning Hobbits

I'm already thinking of a request...



Re: Concerning Hobbits

I better start sharpening my pencils now, then... ;)



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