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"Tauriel" -- Evil or Amazing?

Peter Jackson's "Tauriel." Is she an evil Mary-Sue who should be banned from ME permanently, or is she simply an over used OC plot-bunnie? 

My opinion (Don't read if you are already in love with her...):

Peter Jackson stole my Tauriel's name, stuck it on an OC Mary-Sue and is attempting to make the Hobbit into a politically correct, Elf-worship movie. Tolkien is probably rolling over in his grave. For the record: the Tauriel who appears in my stories, (and my name also) is not, Not, NOT, PJ's "Tauriel."

If you are a Tauriel lover, tell me why she is so great and deserves to take her place beside Legolas, Aragorn, and Frodo, in Tolkien history.




I fear Jackson's Tauriel didn't make an impression on me. Refresh my memory, please?



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"Tauriel" does not appear in Unexpected Journey. Her appearance will be in Desolation of Smaug. She is the captain of Mirkwood forces, and apparently Kili is going to fall in love with her. She is Legolas's equal in archery, and they often work together. You can google her and find more info.



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I'll pass, if it's all the same with you...



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You have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone to say "Ugh!" in reference to "Tauriel"!!   I understand the draw to include more female characters in the Hobbit, but why does it have to be a Mary-Sue? Ah well... Maybe I'll find more people who agree with me after the movie is released.



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' apparently Kili is going to fall in love with her'

Well that idea has some canon basis

(initally i re-read it as the other way around, and went 'yeurk'.

She could be OK, I suppose, we'll wait and see




Actually, the character wasnt that bad IMO. It was the plot surrounding her that screwed up her character. Evangeline did a wonderful job portraying her and I almost liked her... then they added the love interest factor. That kind of pissed me off. PJ had promised NO Legomance then he had to go there.  I can get one of the younger dwarves being infatuated by a female elf warrior (and I can see Thranduil having women in his ranks, even high ranking). But what threw me for a loop was the portrayal of Thranduil as a racist of his own people!! That the Sindar would see themselves as above the Silvan. Completely UNcanonical as Oropher moved his people to the Greenwood to integrate them as elves living as elves were intended to live. By the third age they were one people. In my verse Thranduil himself married one of the 'lowly' Silvan elves and Legolas identifies himself as a wood-elf.  Eliminate those offensive plot threads (oh and Tauriel the lowly Silvan elf having the power of Luthien and able to heal a Morgul wound, something even Glorfindel couldnt do)  and she's a decent OC. But WITH those threads, yeah, she's a Sue. I just choose to see it as the Dwarvish version of what happened which has been twisted a bit (after all The Hobbit is from Bilbo's perspective and he had strong dwarvish influence! LOL)

Personally I hope PJ kills her off in BOTFA.



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