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Fili & Kili -- Cute or non-Dwarvish?

Fili and Kili are adorable in the movie. But, are they just TOO cute?   How about the other Dwarves? Are Balin and Dwalin just too different? Is Ori so simple as to be almost offensive? And most importantly: Are these Dwarves DWARVEN? Please- keep it nice. And no drooling over Kili!  Tongue out



Re: Fili & Kili -- Cute or non-Dwarvish?

I didn't get what Jackson was aiming at with Ori, either- perhaps he wanted to show that even Dwarves can do comic relief?



Re: Fili & Kili -- Cute or non-Dwarvish?

There's comic relief (think Gimli in TTT) and then there is offensive. For me personally, Ori is right on the line of being offensive. I have many friends who are disabled, and Ori's representation of a simple person feels almost mocking. Maybe it didn't come across that way to others, but that's how it feels to me.



Re: Fili & Kili -- Cute or non-Dwarvish?

Glad it wasn't just me.

And don't get me started on Bill, Tom and Bert... heaven knows what Jackson is going to do with the spiders!



Re: Fili & Kili -- Cute or non-Dwarvish?

I've heard that he's gonna have Legolas and "Tauriel" kill them instead of Bilbo. 

The reason I put "Tauriel's" name in quotes is because PJ's "Tauriel" is not my Tauriel, my Tauriel is not his "Tauriel", and he stole my Tauriel's name!! As soon as Desolation of Smaug is released and we can see "Tauriel's" role, I'm going to be releasing a story which is currently in the making. "Tauriel" lovers, BEWARE!!! Grin You little devil! Grin You little devil! 

This is slightly off topic, but I hereby declare "Tauriel" to be a Mary-Sue, to be avoided by canon lovers at all costs. If you want to disagree, come over to the "Tauriel" discussion...



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