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March 2012 Birthday Cards

Birthday folks: Is your birthday in March and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the 2012 Birthhday Cards Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or send me an e-mail - I'll do my best to help.

March, 6th - Agape4Gondor: I'd like something with Pip and Faramir. Anything at all.

March, 14th - Greenwood_Gal: ...any AU or Canon drabble or story about Legolas during the Fellowship's exisitence or after is what I like. No character death please!

March, 14th - Elena Tiriel: I'd love a drabble about elves... or any other of Tolkien's races, whatever sparks your muse!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

I have submited my March birthday workshop story request. Wave



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Hello Greenwood_Gal,

I don't know where you requested a birthday story, but the right place to do that is here in this forum. Perhaps you'd like to look at some of the previous months to see some examples; and if you need more help, just ask me here or shoot me a private mail.

HASA Birthday Cards Volunteer



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Looks like I do need help lol! I thought I had set it up right according to the instructions in the links. I've deleted that lol!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

As I said earlier, and as explained in the first post of the thread, please state your birthday request right here: What should it be about? A favourite characer or character combination? A time you'd like to shine a light on? A specific situation or topic you'd like explored? Anything you want to exclude? etc.

Please also state your day of birth, so I can slot the request in the right place when I copy it in the header post. (Although I see you've already noted down your birthday in your profile, so I can search for it in the member lists. But just to make it a little easier for me, please repeat it here Wink.)

The birthday workshops are the place where you can collect the stories once people have written them. It's Step 2, so to speak, after using this forum as a platform to receive stories.

And I really do encourage you - and people generally who may have similar questions - to poke about a bit and look at older forum threads to see practical examples so you can get an idea of how it all works.Smile

HASA Birthday Cards Volunteer



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

*light bulb above head goes on after checking older forum threads*

Okay I get it now! Duh! So embarassed!

My birthday is March 14 and any AU or Canon drabble or story about Legolas during the Fellowship's exisitence or after is what I like. No character death please! I have a hard enough time as it is when he is wounded.




Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Glad I was able to help!

...positions her Volunteer hat at jaunty angle on successful completion of mission...



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards


My birthday is also March 14th, and I'd love a drabble about elves... or any other of Tolkien's races, whatever sparks your muse!


- Barbara



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Many happy returns to both of today's birthday girls- I hope you don't mind sharing a post too much? "Never Again" is for greenwood_gal and "Eyes In The Dark" is for Elena Tiriel... but by all means, feel free to trade.


The firelight dances in the dark, but he does not feel its warmth.

He let them down, in the Mines- all of them.

He should have stayed and fought the monster with the Wizard- fought as the heroes of old did in time of yore.


He watches his friends sleep- seven, now, where there should be eight- and he hardens his heart.

Never again shall he turn and run, though the entire host of the Black Enemy be ranged against him.

Never again shall he let them down- the hobbits, the humans… even the dwarf.

Never again.


There are eyes in the dark beyond the firelight, eyes that glitter like dying stars.

They gaze uncaring at the elf-watcher and his wards; care is a feeling.

Feelings are for the weak… and the weak are lost.

That is not to say they do not take in each and every detail, however.

Not to say they do not notice that where once were nine now are eight- far from it.

That they take interest in- great interest.

Their master will be pleased.

With a flutter of wings the Crebain take flight; a black hand across the moon's white face.




Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Oh Aruthir, what a lovely pair of gifts! An Elf, and crebain, too!

I didn't mention it, but I am exceedingly fond of drabbles about the seldom-written races, and crebain certainly qualify! I really like how you manage to make the reader see the world through their point of view. Very nicely done!

Thank you for the fine birthday present!

- Barbara



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

I really like that second drabble. I second what Elena Tiriel said about it, and you really managed to evoke what their POV might plausibly be. And that last line is absolutely gorgeous!




Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Well done Aruthir!!! Thank you very much for the drabbles!!! It made my 50th birthday all the more special!!!




Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Greenwood_Gal, Elena, Imhiriel... it's comments like yours that keep me in this gig. You keep on reading and I'll keep on writing. Promise.




Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

A double drabble about Legolas for both March 14th birthdays:

How bad can it be? Legolas wondered as his horse negotiated the steep path into Imladris.

He didn't look forward to the completion of his task, but it would be no more than an uncomfortable day or two while he delivered his message.

The worst of it was behind him, though he could not shake off the consequences. Five guards slain, and all for that creature Gollum. Confessing to Mirkwood's – and his own – failure was nothing compared to having had to bring the news of the guards' deaths to their families.  Compared to that, this would not be too bad.

= = = = =

Thranduil would be displeased, Legolas knew – right now, it was easier to consider him as his king than as his father. As if the way in which he had fulfilled his mission to bring word of Gollum's escape to Imladris wasn't enough, he returned with a Dwarf, not just as travel companion, but as one he called friend! Relations between Mirkwood and the Mountain were better than they had been for some time, and would no doubt improve further, but that was politics.

Of course, he didn't know how Gimli felt about this either.

But how bad can it be?



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

These are truly excellent, Aruthir; both Legolas' determination and the creepy crebain!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

How bad can it be indeed!!! Poor Legolas! Caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place with his father, Lord Elrond, and possibly Gimli. If ever the time came for a vacation some place far away it surely had to be now lol!!!

Thank you for the wonderful double drabble Nath!!!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Hi Nath,

Ah, poor Legolas... about to find out how hard it can be, and not coming anywhere close to understanding what he would end up doing next!

What a lovely drabble pair! Thank you for the birthday gift!

- Barbara



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

"But how bad can it be?"

The answer you are looking for is "very", silly Elf! Laugh out loud Bravo on both parts of this, Nath- it's always nice to see the calm before the storm, after all...



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

I know I'm late with this request fir my March 6th birthday, but...

I'd like something with Pip and Faramir. Anything at all.



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

It's only a snippet, I'm afraid, but well, you said it...

"Anything about your father? Anything at all?" Pippin had hoped Faramir would not ask, but now that he had, Pippin would have to answer.

"Of course, I didn't know him very well," he started hesitantly, "And in a way I don't think he took all that much notice of me. I was a novelty, and my swearing to his service was a way to get at Gandalf, at Mithrandir, for him. Although I think he, he also valued it as – if you like – atonement for your brother's death." Pippin stopped. He was babbling, he knew it, but Faramir only nodded.



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Again, for the three of you!

Plans for Rebuilding

             Pippin and Captain Faramir rode across the temporary wooden bridge that spanned the Anduin between the west and the east banks, saluted as they went by soldiers and workmen who were involved in seeing the ruins of Osgiliath cleared of bodies and abandoned weapons and the road east made safe.

            "The first time I visited Ithilien I must have been all of eight years of age," the Man was saying as he returned the salute of one of his Rangers involved in the cleanup.  "I accompanied my father, riding before him upon his saddlebow, and Boromir accompanied us on his first horse.  I could ride as well, of course—I had a pony from Rohan I'd named Steelsheen after the old Queen, Morwen, who came from here in Gondor.  But Father had insisted that Steelsheen was too small to make so long a journey and think of keeping up with full-sized horses.  So it was that I rode with my father, although I'd rather hoped to ride with Boromir instead.  Still, I knew that I was safe in my father's arms."

            Pippin shuddered slightly, and did not bother trying to hide his feelings from his companion.  "This pony doesn't appear to be having any difficulty in keeping up," he commented, reaching forward to pat his mount's neck with a gloved hand.

            "But we are not in much danger of coming across enemies lying in ambush for us," Faramir pointed out.  "I think this was Father's greatest worry, that we would need to flee out of danger and a pony would not be able to keep pace with the horses, and that I would be more likely to be pulled from a pony's back than from his arms.  I suspect, in fact, that this was why he carried me rather than allowing me to ride double with my brother as I often did out upon the Pelennor. 

The Man sighed and looked to the road ahead.  "We will soon enough be upon the North-South Road and will then turn south and then back east toward Emyn Arnen.  Of old our family had a keep there, and it is there I hope to build anew.  I only hope that my lady not find it too difficult, living not upon the plains as she has been accustomed all during her life, but instead amidst forestlands and farms, with rather more shepherds than horsemen."

            As they approached the edges of the ruined city they were joined by outriders who'd been to scout the road ahead.  "No signs of any sort of enemies," commented one of the scouts.  "But we found this token—it appears that Prince Legolas has been this way before us."  He held out one of the Elf's distinctive arrows for his Prince to take.  "It was settled upon a tree's branch, pointing toward Emyn Arnen."

            "What say you to this, Pippin?" asked Faramir, taking the arrow and holding it out for the Hobbit to see more plainly.

            "It's one of his, so it's likely that there aren't any enemies to be found," Pippin said, remembering the signs that Legolas and Aragorn, who usually served as scouts during the quest, would leave to mark their trail.  "If there were orcs or evil Men out there, he would have used one of their arrows to indicate what kind of enemy we might run into if we kept going straight ahead.  He had a few orc arrows and Men's arrows he'd use, and we'd gather them up when we found them and return them to him.  If there was some other reason we should turn from the path he'd leave a broken arrow with the point facing whichever way it was safest to take; and if he wanted us to stop he'd leave half an arrow, usually the back half with the fletching, or the end with the point if he wanted Strider to go to him.  But if he left a whole arrow it meant that we should carry on at least another league, going the way the arrow pointed."

            "Then he appears to be intent on us joining him there," Faramir noted, returning the arrow to the scout.  "Let us not keep him waiting longer than he must."

            It took several more hours to reach the reopened lane that led to the ruins of the old fortress.  Faramir had told Pippin that several of his Rangers had volunteered since the return of the Army of the West to Minas Tirith to go to Emyn Arnen and make certain that it was free of enemies and to begin clearing the site so as to make it easier for the masons and engineers to begin their surveys and construction when the time came.  "All of us are looking forward to the time when Ithilien again is a princedom to be envied," he'd added.

            Pippin looked up at the rocky mount on which the ruins of the old fortress rested.  "It reminds me of the Weather Hills, and particularly Weathertop," he said rather uncertainly, "although with rather more trees," he added, his expression clearing somewhat.  "That was where the Black Riders attacked us in Eriador, and where the Witch-king stabbed Frodo with a Morgul knife."

            Several of their guards looked to one another on hearing this.  "How is it he did not become a wraith himself?" demanded one of the older Men.

            "It was only because Frodo was able to fight its influence until we reached Rivendell—or Imladris, as you know it," the young Hobbit told him.  "Elrond has learned how to counter the effects of Morgul knives, although I'm told it wasn't without cost.  But it's why Frodo often rubs at his shoulder when he is tired or uncomfortable, because that wound will ache so."

            "He's lucky that's all it does," murmured another of the older Men.  "One of the Men in my father's company was stabbed with a Morgul knife, and he didn't last five days.  Lord Denethor himself gave him the mercy stroke ere it turned him fully to a wraith."

            Pippin shivered, and they began the ride up the mount.  At the call of a falcon the Hobbit looked up.  "There he is!" he proclaimed indicating where the Elf lounged along a branch that would most likely have failed to hold a Man.

            Legolas sat up smiling, and in moments was on the road before them.  "No enemies in the ruins," he announced, "although I did induce a family of bears to seek elsewhere to shelter.  There is a fine stand of berry bushes that way half a league, and at my suggestion they made their way thither.  It is a fine vantage point on which the old keep was built, my Lord.  I can see why Aragorn suggested that you build your own home there.  It has an excellent command of the country round about and will be easily defended, as well as being beautiful."  He glanced upwards.  "When I return with some of my people, we will help you to add to the beauty of Emyn Arnen that none regret visiting here."  So saying, he led the way upward, and they approached the ruins.

            Rather more of the old walls were standing than had been true of the ruins to be seen in Eriador, and one could see the graceful windows that had allowed light into the rooms of the place.  "The defensive walls were down there, lower on the slope," Faramir said, pointing to where the foundations of that circle could still be seen here and there.  "We will see them made broader, of course.  We had but a low tower here atop the mount, over there.  I would see it rebuilt also.  But mostly the buildings here were intended for comfort rather than defense."

            He led them through a gap in the walls, and all could see that the paved floor was almost intact and had been recently swept.  "There is no proper dungeon, although there was a line of four cells under it for the keeping of lawbreakers until they could be sent to Minas Tirith to know the Steward's justice.  But most of the rooms under the place were intended for storage of food and wine, as well as the treasury for those who dwelt here, my own ancestors."

            He smiled and began walking about the ruins, indicating where he would see the Great Hall placed, and where his lady's solar, and the stairs to the upper floors where the major dwelling space for his family and guests would be placed.  The kitchens would be down there, with a special lift to bring food up from them to the dining hall and the family's quarters.  Servants quarters would be here, and offices above them….

            Then they were outside the standing walls, looking over the grounds and examining the remains of what had once been a massive stable.  "The barns for cattle and grain storage were down there, alongside cottages for those who worked the estate," Faramir indicated.  "There were two forges, one for the farriers here, and a second for the armorers in that direction, near the tanneries and the stream.  The barracks for Guardsmen was there, just inside the defensive wall…."

            They camped for the night inside the walls of what had been and would again be the Great Hall.  "I can imagine it," Pippin said as he lay inside a far more substantial bedroll than he'd used upon the quest, "how it was and how it will be again.  No wonder you wish to build here again, my friend.  It's a bit stony for us Hobbits—we prefer chalk hills to granite, after all.  But for you Stonelanders—this is indeed the proper place for you.  I only wish I could hear your people singing amidst the trees," he added through a yawn, addressing Legolas, who sat upon one of the lower lines of wall, staring out at the comforting glint of starlight reflected from the leaves about them.  "Now, that will be one thing even Frodo would love to experience again."

            They could make out the smile on the wood Elf's lips, and after a moment he began to sing, softly at first, but then more loudly, a song of thanksgiving for the beauty of stars and trees sung in his own tongue.  And as he slept, Pippin seemed to hear others join him in his song, and he smiled in his dreams, knowing that Faramir and the Lady Éowyn and whatever children they gave birth to would be very happy here.



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Oh, Aruthir, how perfect!  Yes, the Crebain would be watching for these.  And I can so imagine Legolas making such a vow.

(Although I think that the moon was a new one, IIRC, when they entered and left Lothlorien....)



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Wonderful, Nath!  An excellent pair of drabbles!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Oh, yes, Pippin feeling he was babbling, and Faramir accepting it as it was intended.  Well done, Nath.



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Thank you Larner for the wonderful story! I love the clever way you have Legolas using his arrows as messages for those following behind him.



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

ROTFL - Oh, Nath. I know this was only an 'anything' but it was a brilliant 'anything.'

I would think that most people, faced with Denethor, would babble. Bless Pippin's little heart. And Faramir's for probably feeling the same way.

Oh - that gives me an idea for a Faramir and Boromir tale. Would Boromir have babbled? Would he have laughed at Faramir's babbling? 

Delightful. Many thanks!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

As you know, Larner, I love Ithilien. And somehow feel that Denethor would, too.

This is a beautiful piece. Filled with comforting thoughts in the midst of the ruins of the land. 

I'm glad you put in snippets of Denethor, though I did not ask for him. He is intrinsically woven into Faramir's life. I loved the ride of father and sons. I believe Faramir, though wanting to be with his brother, might have enjoyed his father's arms about him, holding him. It might have been the last time.

Adding Legolas and Pippin's remembrances of the quest was an added candle on my cake.

Bless you for taking the time to write this piece. It is beautiful, as all your writings are.

Your fan,

AgapeA gold star for you!



Re: March 2012 Birthday Cards

Really? Oops. Um... perhaps Legolas was using Elven eyesight to see the bits of the disc other folks cannot? Wink



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