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New members who have not completed registration

If you have registered with HASA recently but have not completed your registration by signing in, please read.

  • Some new members do not provide a valid email address and so cannot receive their password. There are two pending registrations where the member provided only the user name and nothing after the "@" sign, for example.
  • Some new members may have provided a valid email but the password message has been sent to junk mail or the trash.

If the following new registrations would like to have their passwords resent, please use the Contact form (link is in the upper right corner of every page) and select "Membership/Logins" as the topic to let me know:

  • allibxtr
  • Shetan
  • HowardWeiner
  • BessieYeates
  • Aldan

Incomplete registrations are deleted after 60 days.




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