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Of Aratan and Ciryon

I'm curious- does anyone know anything about them, other than their names and where they died? I have searched the archive here and found nothing...



Re: Of Aratan and Ciryon

Hi Aruthir,

Just checking in to answer this.... In the middle of moving, but hope to get back into visiting HASA again soon....

If you go to the Full Text Search in HASA Resources and search for "Aratan", you will find literally everything I ever found about both Aratan and Ciryon, all of which (IIRC) comes from the Disaster of the Gladden Fields chapter of Unfinished Tales.

Sorry there isn't any more.

- Barbara



Re: Of Aratan and Ciryon

There's my problem- I did that, and all I could find was that they existed, and they died. No birth-dates, no nothing- according to Isildur's biography, their mother doesn't even get a name...



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