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Another Query

Can anyone out there in HASA-land tell me whether Men fought as Thangorodrim fell, or was Eärendil on his own?

(I know, I know- I could just pick my copy of The Silmarillion down off the bookshelf and find out for myself, but I'm being lazy....)



Re: Another Query

"And such few as were left of the three houses of the Elf-friends, Fathers of Men, fought upon the part of the Valar…"

Silmarillion, Ch 24, Of the Voyage of Eärendil and the War of Wrath

and I didn't even have to open my copy of the Silmarillion...  Wink



Re: Another Query

I must have been being particularly "special" that night if I couldn't find that! Thanks for the help though, Nath!



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