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Questions about Boromir & travel

OK, Boromir arrives in Imladris the night of October 24th. The last known point where he was located was at Tharbad, where his horse was lost while trying to ford the Gwathlo.

Gandalf does not mention meeting him along the Greenway while he runs north on Shadowfax. Boromir doesn't mention bumping into the Nazgul along the way, either, though they did come up that way, parting south of Bree.

So, what route did Boromir, on foot, take to get to Imladris? Looking at the maps, if he had crossed the Gwathlo, he could have swung north and east across Cardolan, keeping the Mitheithal on his right (probably too strong to ford), which would mean that he reached the Last Bridge and the East-West road, avoiding Bree. If he had shown up in Bree, wouldn't one of the Rangers have noticed and sent some kind of word ahead? Even helped him? (Of course, nothing says word wasn't sent.)

If Boromir was on the Road, on foot, and arrived at Imladris on evening 24 October, when would he have crossed the Last Bridge? Big guy, used to hardship, carrying battle gear (though not mail - only Gimli has mail openly in the comapny), has been covering a lot of ground, probably pretty worn out. Where is he going to be vis-a-vis the other travelers?

Also, in an only partially related vein, where geographically, should the ruins of Ost-in-Edhil be placed in relationship to the West Gate of Khazad-dum? Would it be possible for Boromir to have come across the ruins? I'm curious about that quite aside from Boromir's journeys, too.




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