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This thread is for Orc-brat: an LOTR fic with no canon characters in it, and my baby of the past three years. The story of an angry nine-year-old who takes on the world - more specifically, a band of ten mean Orcs.

I really need to get cracking on OB again. I haven't been entirely productive: these past few months I've put a fair amount into the prequel, the initial chapters of which are up on, I discovered the Story Trailers forum and posted an OB trailer this past week. If anyone wants to see it it is here. A bit melodramatic, but fun.

Meanwhile, though, I really need to get done with chapter 19. I think I know why I'm holding off. I'd always planned it as a filler chapter of sorts, but if I am honest with myself, 17 and 18 were already filler chapters. I had been looking forward to them for some time and they provided decently satisfying character development and interaction, but after some 27 pages it's time to do something that actually advances the plot.

I guess I know what that's going to be. It's just the little matter of applying my seat to the chair and getting it down.



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I've found it helpful, when writing longer works, to avoid writer's block by NOT writing the chapters necessarily in order. How would you feel about outlining and working on the conclusion of OB now, and then write any in-between chapters that beg to be written?




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Mm, I never responded to this!  I don't think I will actually write the conclusion itself or any of the really late chapters - the ending to OB is a long way off and I worry that I may have a harder time writing the characters as they are now - but outlining, that would be great!  I think I'm gonna do that.



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