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A critical essay on the writing of Legacy specifically addressing how to create a believable account of sexuality when writing LOTR fanfiction.

Writing a Green Sun

My two main concerns when trying to write my stories are how to craft a character that is believable within the kind of society outlined in LOTR, and also to create a character who could be the person who says and does the things JRRT says s/he says and does in LOTR. This is not a small task.




Re: Writing a Green Sun

Wow, Angs, this is good. Very good. I can't read it all right now but it sure goes to my bookmarks.

How long did it take you to finish this (out of sheer curiosity)?



Re: Writing a Green Sun

The critical essay took about one week of writing, and another week (spread out over time) of editing, formatting, etc. .



Re: Writing a Green Sun

You did a lot of homework. and what impressed me most is that this amount of work did not get in the way of the story.
Don't get me wrong. What I mean is the "Look, I've done so much homework and read so many books and now I just have to give you a lesson instead of a story" style, most often found in history novels.
In "Legacy" ,all the background work stays in the background, where it belongs.



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