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We may have been late for the tag-team challenge, but Faramir_Boromir and I have finished our story of working together to attain your goal. I've been having trouble focusing on writing lately, and I was encouraged (as always) by Sailing to Byzantium to try something new. Writing with a partner does not come easily to me - Jim (shunt) is the only person I have done extensive work with, but most of that is private and we have the advantage of being in the same place while we work. Chris and I have tried it with varying degrees of success (we do best when we talk a story together but only one of us writes it), and Flick's talent has carried me through a couple of tries. I liked both the experience and the result of this collaboration. I think I learned as much, if not more, about my own process as I did about collaborating. And of course, I will be exceptionally interested in any comments or reactions on our new endeavour..



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Wow. Powzie, F_B - I really liked this. It's an interesting twist on the tale and I loved the way you got into each brother's head. I felt this deep wrench inside me for Faramir and what it must have cost him, at the end of it all when their plan backfired on them. Thanks, guys, for this marvelous addition to my Brothers Mir reading list. Cheers, Ti'ana Luthien



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Interesting twist on how Boromir ended up going north. In terms of the collaboration, I'm pretty sure Tay wrote Faramir and F_B wrote Boromir, but I could be wrong about that. The direct address ("you") was fairly well done, I thought, although I had some difficulty following the POV shifts, perhaps because of that device—there's no quick and easy point of reference to the other person as Boromir or Faramir unless the speaker addresses the person by name. But it's not terribly difficult to deal with.



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