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What is an Oliphaunt?

An Oliphaunt is a Challenge that is 'too big to die'. When a Challenge with at least three stories attached passes its closing date, it is honorably retired. If authors still wish to write stories for that Challenge, an Oliphaunt is created from the original Challenge. It lumbers along, picking up more stories as it goes. Not all Challenges become Oliphaunts because not all continue to attract stories.

Oliphaunts live in the Oliphaunt Pen. Maybe there's something in there that you want to write or discuss. If the latter, this forum's the place for it...



Re: What is an Oliphaunt?

Nath, I've been busy for the past few days, but I want to thank you so much for creating this forum, and for posting this first thread!  Now when people go to the Closed Challenges page, if they see a Closed Challenge that they would still like to write for (or they happen to have the perfect story to add) there is a place for them to ask about creating a new Oliphaunt for it.  Or, if there is an Oliphaunt that they already like, they can create a thread for talking it up.



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