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May 2011 Birthday Cards

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in May and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the 2011 Birthhday Cards Challenge.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it here or send me an e-mail - I'll do my best to help.

May, 5th - elektra121:  Grima/Eowyn is a not-so-often explored pairing, which is a pity since there is so much potential in it.

If you dare, I'd like to see something that either shows some moment between them two that can be interpreted (or is) sensual/sexual - it does not have to be two-sided, but should not be non-con -

or some moment that shows a deeper understanding between both of them, especially in some unusual matter.

I'd prefer darker themes to fluffy ones - but it's up to you!

May, 6th - RiverOtter: My birthday is a milestone - 60.  Since the 60th anniversary is diamond, I'd like something shiny or sparkly.

May, 11th - Erulisse: I love the early stories - from the time of the Two Trees through the fall of Ost-en-Edhil.  (Of course, I love just about anything - I'm pretty flexible - LOL.)

May, 18th - Nath: I'd like to request anything but Middle-earth. Write me something on Smith of Wootton Major, or Roverandom, or The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth, or any of Tolkien's minor works that happen to inspire you



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

I'm a little bit early, since it is the last day of April, but my birthday is May 11 and I love the early stories - from the time of the Two Trees through the fall of Ost-en-Edhil.  (Of course, I love just about anything - I'm pretty flexible - LOL.)  If you feel at all inspired, I'd love a fic to have as a birthday gift as I turn even older on the wheel of time. 

- Erulisse (one L)



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

My birthday is a milestone - 60.  Since the 60th anniversary is diamond, I'd like something shiny or sparkly.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

My birthday is the 18th, and I'd like to request anything but Middle-earth. Write me something on Smith of Wootton Major, or Roverandom, or The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth, or any of Tolkien's minor works that happen to inspire you...



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Grima/Eowyn is a not-so-often explored pairing, which is a pity since there is so much potential in it.

If you dare, I'd like to see something that either shows some moment between them two that can be interpreted (or is) sensual/sexual - it does not have to be two-sided, but should not be non-con -

or some moment that shows a deeper understanding between both of them, especially in some unusual matter.

I'd prefer darker themes to fluffy ones - but it's up to you!



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

For Nath: you asked for anything but Middle Earth, so here goes!

Mrs. Parish Remembers Mr. Niggle (inspired by "Leaf, by Niggle")

            Mrs. Parish frowned out her side window at the overgrown tangle that had once been the garden of her neighbor, that odd little man, Mr. Niggle. She sighed, for Niggle was gone now, and while he'd lived there she hadn't really appreciated him for the good neighbor he'd really been. She and old Parish, her husband, had gotten many a good laugh over the strange little fellow's attempts at so-called 'art.'

            "Amateurish," Mr. Parish had scoffed. "Dreamy, that's what he is…"

            "Not a practical bone in his body," she had agreed, "and has the garden to prove it, all gone to seed again, him neglecting it for that silly painting…"

            Her man Parish was an excellent gardener, and she prided herself on her ability to put up green goods and jams and things for the winter months. But Parish's lame leg had gotten worse and worse, and their own garden began to look a bit more like their neighbor's.

            Then the bad year came, when she fell ill with a fever, and the storms kept coming and coming, and the roof leaked and the window wouldn't fasten properly. Parish did what he could, but he was lame, and always in a foul mood when the weather turned, for after all his leg did pain him so in the damp.

            She had to admit that Niggle had been a right good neighbor then, getting a good soaking when he rode his bicycle to fetch the doctor for her, and climbing about on ladders in the chilly rain to help Parish fix the roof. Then things had gone from bad to worse, for though she had recovered quickly from her little case of the grippe,  poor Niggle got sicker and sicker. Parish was frantic over it, and when the little man finally died, her husband took ill himself. About the only good thing to come of those terrible months was that their roof was finally repaired—though it still made her feel a bit guilty when she gazed up and saw the faint reminders of Mr. Niggle's canvas up there by the ceiling, with those silly twisting branches and little fancy leaves he used to spend so much time perfecting.

            Then Parish was gone, the lame leg having somehow gotten an inflammation in it that turned into a sickness of the heart. Mrs. Parish lived in the old country house all by herself. She missed Parish something awful, and found that she missed odd little Mr. Niggle as well. The new neighbor was downright unfriendly in comparison. He was a sour-faced gentleman who claimed to be someone 'important' in the township, not that such things impressed Mrs. Parish. All she knew was that the grumpy fellow never said so much as hello, never offered a hand when she struggled to keep the country house from falling into ruin, and was even a worse gardener than Niggle had been.

            One night Mrs. Parish fell asleep in a chair in the corner of the sitting room where the ceiling and roof had been patched with a piece of Niggle's canvas. Her eyes drooped, and she slid right into a sort of a waking dream. It seemed to her that she was floating up toward that small patch of painted canvas, and then the paint disappeared and the twisting branches and fancy little leaves were real and shifting in a pleasant breeze. It wasn't late evening any more; the sun was shining, and she was walking in a lovely forest. She stopped and looked up in amazement, for there before her was a beautiful Tree, the one that Niggle had been painting for all those years and had never finished!

            She stood looking up at the Tree, smiling happily to herself, when in the distance she heard the hoot of a train whistle. She turned, and looked down a little green slope—one that she was fairly certain hadn't been there when she'd started on this nice little walk—and right at the foot of the slope, a bright shiny blue train engine sat at a railroad platform, with a single carriage behind it. Now she was absolutely certain that a train and a train station hadn't been there before; she could hardly have missed seeing it! But that didn't matter, because she was curious, so she walked down the hillside to the platform.

            A very nice man stepped out of the small building near the platform.

            "Good morning! I am the Porter. When you are quite ready, I am here to take you on to the next place…"

            "The next place?" she said hesitantly. "Why, I don't even know what this place is called, nor how I came here!"

            The Porter's pleasant face was creased with a smile, and he laughed, and Mrs. Parish thought it was the most delightful sound she had ever heard.

            "This place?' he said. "Why, this is Niggle's Parish, by the Bay! The train will take you right into the heart of it… and they'll be waiting for you, I'm quite certain!'

            Mrs. Parish looked up the green slope and at the lovely trees with their twisting branches and tiny, ornate little leaves, each one unique and as beautiful as a tiny jewel—and she thought about her old neighbor, and her husband…

            She smiled as she stepped into the carriage. "I'm ready, Mr. Porter! I'm ready!"



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards


That's lovely.  I haven't read "Leaf By Niggle," can you believe it?  But I shall have to rectify that. Smile



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Ah, it's been several years since I last read Tree and Leaf, but it was wonderful to be reminded of it once more!  Ah, yes, the famous canvas and that dratted journey Niggle kept putting off preparing for!  Excellent!



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Here, Antoinette!  And much joy to you on your sixtieth birthdayt!

Announcing One's Love

            Having left his pony at the Green Dragon, Pippin paused in his walk up the lane to Bag End to take a moment beneath the mallorn tree in the Party Field.  He set his hand to the silver bark and murmured, "I hope your birthday is joyful, Frodo.  I wanted to let you know—I'm in love!  In love with Diamond of the North-Tooks, there in Long Cleeve.  Do you remember her at all?  She was always such a mischievous little thing, with no time at all for lads.  Although she always hung on your stories.  But then we all did!

            "Anyway, although I fear she didn't take to me at all at first, by the time I was finished with my visit to Long Cleeve on Lord Strider's business I knew she was the one for me, and she was actually smiling at me.  She gave me this flute for her birthday!  Listen!"

            He brought out the worn flute from the bag on his shoulder.  He warmed it between his hands, and began playing one of Bilbo's songs on it.


            Far away, on the Lonely Isle, Frodo raised his head as if listening.  "What is it?" asked Gandalf.

            "Pippin—it's Pippin.  Oh, Gandalf, isn't it wonderful?  He's in love!  Our little Pippin—he's truly in love at last!"

            And Frodo turned back to the picture he was drawing, singing along to Pippin's tune played on Diamond's flute, while sparkles of light filtered through the foliage of the White Tree across the parchment on which he sketched the nearly forgotten face of Diamond North-Took.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Here Elektra.  I wrote this for B2MEM, but I think it expresses your wishes well enough.  Hope you enjoy it.


            "No!  You must not speak your own mind to them!"  Saruman leaned closer to Gríma as if to offer a secret in confidence.  "They must not know that your words, your advice, comes from me in the end.  But it is my thoughts that you will speak to them—my wisdom that you will impart, my will that you will see manifested."

            Gríma said nothing of his own thoughts in return, nothing of how it was not the Wizard's brilliance he wished to show forth in Edoras, but his own he desired to exhibit instead.  But in the end he knew it was better he submit to Saruman's commands, for never would she deign to look upon Gríma for his own sake—she'd made that plain enough already!  Nay, if he was to take her as his own, he must continue to dissemble….



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Ooh, early present! Lovely, thank you



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, it's been a few years since I last read "Leaf", but what a lovely story this one is.  Bittersweet and smiling, absolutely perfect. 

- Erulisse (one L)



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Here, Erulisse!  At last the muse has spoken!

An Enemy Unmasked

             Celeborn paced back and forth through the rooms in which they dwelt in Celebrimbor's halls.  "I simply cannot understand, vanimelda, why he continues to listen to the words of this Annatar.  I cannot trust the creature, whatever he is, at all, no matter how I try.  His nature simply fails to ring true.  He is no Elf, of that I am certain; nor is he a Man of any sort.  And so, what is he?"

            Galadriel Artanis gazed at him over her goblet.  "Almost his fëa reminds me of that of our lady Melian, but far darker."

            He turned his intense gaze upon her.  "Think you that this Lord of Gifts--" his tone made of curse of that; "--that he is in fact from among the Maiar?"

            "I cannot say, not for certain."

            He thought for a moment before adding, "Elrond does not trust him, and would not treat with him.  He warned Celebrimbor against him, in fact."

            She nodded.  "I know.  Nor will Círdan or Ereinion Gil-galad allow him near their lands."

            He sat down heavily in a chair.  "Then what are we to do?  I fear that if our lord continues as he does that Annatar will betray him—indeed he will most likely betray us all!  And I do not like this idea of creating Rings of Power.  I would not see our people compelled to listen to a ruler solely because he wears such a thing upon his hand."

            She again nodded, and stared down into the cup of pale wine she held.  Her breath disturbed its surface for a moment, but then the liquid stilled.  And, as it stilled, it began to grow darker, as if it held clouds of smoke.

            "Ah!" she exclaimed shortly, her attention caught by the images that formed within the cup.  She saw orcs and wargs, fell Men and trolls, advancing toward Ost-in-Edhil, and at their head Annatar himself, but wearing dark armor, each scale of which was inscribed with dark words written in the fair script of Tengwar.  And on his hand----

            Celeborn watched her cheeks grow bloodless, her eyes widen, her pupils dilating and her nostrils flaring with distress.  "What is it?" he demanded, although his voice was almost deathly quiet.

            At last she broke her gaze away from the pictures of war and destruction that had formed in her cup.  "We must speak with the Dwarves, Celeborn.  Evil and death bear down on us even now.  Celebrimbor will not listen to us, but Dúrin may.  We will need to assure that as many as possible will be able to flee at a moment's notice through Khazad-dûm to the security of Amroth's lands, there in his valley between the Silverlode and the Anduin."

            His face was almost as pale as her own as he reached out to set his hand over hers.  "You have seen this?  And Annatar, he is indeed a deceiver?"

            "More than that," she whispered.  "He is the Deceiver!"

            He paused, shock taking him as he realized the true name of their enemy.




Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, I love it.  I actually do quite a bit with this time period in my personal writing and you have your usual deft touch with the characters.  The fact that you would do this for me - I am very touched.  Hannon le, Larner. 

- Erulisse (one L)



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Exquisite, Larner!



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

For Elektra's birthday; I'm afraid I did end up with something mildly fluffy, but I hope you like it anyway:-)


All around her people tucked into their food with relish, but Éowyn could barely hide her distaste at the content of her plate. She liked offal, but there was something about sheep's lungs that turned her stomach. Unfortunately, this dish was her uncle's favourite and he insisted on it being served when it was available.

She glanced around the table as she steeled herself for her first bite, and inadvertently caught the Worm's eye. Normally she avoided his glance, but on this one thing they were agreed and there was nothing feigned in her own sympathetic nod at his grimace.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards


I cracked up.  I'm not a big Grima fan and I have nothing invested in a Wormtongue/Eowyn pairing.  (Not that I'm powerfully against either.)  But I *LOVE* moments like these, when some mundane reaction unites two characters who otherwise can't stand one another.

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face,
Great chieftain o' the puddin-race!

It's like a mutual glance of, "Um... Yeah."



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, Erulisse; a drabble that falls just outside your specified timeframe, I'm sorry...


They could not go on much longer. The survivors of Ost-in-Edhil were at the end of their endurance, and needed shelter and rest even more than they needed food.

Elrond stopped, listening to the distant murmur of the river Bruinen as he considered their path. The lands between here and Lindon were empty and hostile, even if they followed the Dwarven road west. But where then? The north offered no shelter, and the mountain passes were held by Orcs. But there were deep valleys at the feet of the mountains, where they could lie low for a season or two…



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, this is truly lovely, Nath, and thank you so much!  Yes, it is slightly outside my time frame, but still within the Second Age, so within my parameters.  I am thrilled. 

- Erulisse (one L)



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, RiverOtter!

Too deep

"Still nothing," someone muttered.

"There is more mithril here, I'm certain," Farin said, though he too was beginning to lose hope. "We will find the vein again."

"How much further will you have us dig through rock bare of even a glimmer of ore in pursuit of a hunch?" That was Lófar.

"Ten yards," Farin replied.  "If we find nothing, I give up on this vein, and I owe you a year's work in return. But if we do strike mithril, you owe me three-quarters of the rights to this shaft."

A long pause, but finally…

"Agreed. Ten more yards."



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Here, Nath.  You've already received a mathom based on the companion to this within Tree and Leaf, specifically "Leaf by Niggle."  How about a dribble based on the essay On Fairy Tales?

On Fairy Tales


Devious.  Dangerous.

Destructive, deceitful, deadly.

How I desired them!

How I sought for them!

To find dragons in one's life

would make that life so very fascinating.

Excitement is something we all wish to experience

at least once before we must find our way

outside the boundaries of the world, into the Father's presence.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Ooh--so this is how they came upon a Balrog and destroyed Moria.  Excellent, Nath!



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Ah--just right, seeing the founding of Imladris.  Wonderful, Nath.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

At least there was one thing in which Eowyn and Grima could find common ground.  And I do believe I would be in the same camp as both of them on this matter.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

And I am glad that this fit your desires so well, Erulisse.  I enjoy writing Galadriel and Celeborn, although this is the first time I've written them together before they came to Lothlorien.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

And I thank you, Agape!  Joy to you as May draws to a close.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Thanks you for my birthday mathoms.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

You are certainly welcome on my part, Antoinette.  Now, I hope that Nath sees hers!  Heh!



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Ooh, another present! I'd nearly missed this...

Wonderful, thank you even if I'm now thinking that the exciting and fascinating experience of encountering a dragon might well serve to speed one on one's way outside the boundaries of the world...

*glances out of window to check for passing dragons*



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

I don't think that the Master took that into account necessarily when he wrote his comments on "desiring dragons with a deep desire."  Heh!  But it could be SO exciting! 

Glad you enjoyed it.



Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Many apologies that this is so late- my computer has only just recently started playing again...


The look she shoots me is pure hate.

"As you wish, lady."

She spins on her heel and storms from the room,leaving stunned silence in her wake.

I grin sheepishly, shrug to the assembled crowd, pull my face into anguished shapes...

I am a jester to them, and nothing more.

They burst into peals of laughter- at her discomfort or mine I can never tell- and I am forgotten as swiftly as a frighted child  at dawn forgets the cry of the midnight owl.

I do not care.

Forgotten and forsaken, I slide from the hall into the shadows and thence to my lady's chamber.

"I shall take my bath now, Wormtongue, and am not to be disturbed unless it is of direst import."

Her words ring in my ears as I peer through the crack in the wall.

Ring in my ears as I watch her remove her skirts, her jewels, her undergarments... her every secret preparation is a jewel more precious than anything the Dwarves ever delved.

I store away every image, greedy as a dragon of old.

I am silent.


She asked not to be disturbed.

I do her bidding.




Re: May 2011 Birthday Cards

Many apologies to another whose birthday I missed- and I should probably apologise in advance for corrupting your birthday wish...


A flash, a flicker, a sparkle...

My fingers spring forth into the darkened waters.

A flash, a flicker, a sparkle...

I seize upon a fin.

Water splatters against me, but I do not care.

I forgot how many years ago.

Gazing upon my prey as I pull her from the depths- her beautiful lips, her soulful eyes, her helpless gaspings- I am briefly reminded of something far away and long ago.

Only briefly, mind.

I grin to myself, to her... the Precious.

A flash of feeling, a flicker of emotion, a sparkle of something I thought long-lost...

"Happy birthday."

My grin turns ugly.

"Happy birthday, yesss..."

Turns hungry.

A sudden snap of jaws, a sudden crunch of bone, a sudden splatter of blood...

"Happy birthday, Preciousss..."




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