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January 2011 Birthday Cards

Birthday folk: Is your birthday in January and you would be delighted by a little story gift from your fellow HASA members? Then state your request here in this thread. Create a birthday workshop story to collect your birthday cards in one place, and enter it into the 2011 Birthhday Cards.

Authors: Let yourselves get inspired by the suggestions - a chance to be creative and to make a fellow HASA member happy at the same time! And don't forget to add your birthday cards to the birthday workshop story the recipient of your birthday card has - hopefully - created.

In case you need help or have a comment, question or suggestion, please post it - I'll do my best to help.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

My birthday is already over (January 3rd), but of course I'm always happy to receive belated gifts *g*!

My request for this year are drabbles about someone having managed a special achievement in a skill and/or knowledge. Like Faramir showing off his wood-craft, or Rosie baking her first cake all on her own, or a mariner showing Círdan a new design for a ship etc.  Era and character (canon or original) of your choice.

And to all my fellow HASA members: I wish you a Happy New Year!




Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

My mum owns five cats, who I don't get to see very often and miss awfully at the moment. Therefore- though it might sound soppy and out-of-character- might I ask for stories that involve cats in some way?



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

I have a story I've been wanting to write that involves a cat, but it's kind of dark...Oh Well



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

My friends at Uni- ten years ago, man, when did I get so old?- nicknamed me the Prince of Darkness (when they weren't calling me the Raven of Despair, go figure) so by all means get as dark as you like.

Just don't be surprised if I explode into floods of tears if you kill any cats...



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Happy belated birthday, Imhiriel- I hope this is along the lines of what was wanted... and that no-one minds if I shoplifted a little of my imagery from Peter Jackson. Smile


 The birthing-sac in the pit bubbled and gurgled softly to itself like a slow-simmering stewpot. Something lay cocooned within but exactly what I could not fathom.


My Lord's voice was a sibilant whisper, but to me it rang more loudly than a thousand trumpets.


As if on cue the thing started to writhe and thrash, like fish in a gill-net. My Lord's eyes glittered triumphantly in the dim torchlight.


A fist punched through the birthing-sac.


A terrible cry rent air and ear as the beast tore free.

"Rise, first of my fighting Uruk-Hai!"



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

For you, Imhiriel!

New Moves

            "Now the left foot forward—no, Frodo, your other left!  Yes, that is right.  Good!  Turn now clockwise and clap your hands!  Yes—that is excellent!"  And Frodo shone like a flame as he mastered the dance Bilbo was teaching him.

            Across the width of Eriador, Elrohir Elrondion was directing his mortal brother:  "No, your dagger is held too low.  Raise it to the level of your upper chest.  Yes—there!  Now parry.  No!  Watch my eyes, not my hand!"

            Two learned new dances that day, one a dance of joy, the other a dance of guard.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

And for you, Aruthir.

The Cat

             "Please, Dad, can't we keep him?"

            The Gaffer sighed, and looked none too kindly on the animal Marigold held in her arms.  This was no kitten, but a rangy and ragged tom, his ear battered and with a large lump on the inside of his right foreleg that told of battles with other toms and that was undoubtedly filled with infection.  By rights he ought to tell the children no….

            But it wasn't that long since their mum died, and he knew full well that there was no way he could say no to that look in his daughter's eyes!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Here you go, Aruthir!  Not really about cats, but they are involved - sort of  

Minas Tirith, F. A. 3019

Glorfindel stood upon one of the many bastions of the Seventh Circle, surveying the lands eastward. It seemed impossible that Sauron had vanished from Arda entirely, when ever before he had merely abandoned his material form temporarily.  Besides the famed warriors of the Last Alliance, his friend Finrod had also "slain" the Maia, to no avail.  For that matter, if bodily form were important, so had Huan!  Celebrating victory was one thing, but how could all be so certain that this time…

A very small Guard of the Citadel tapped him lightly on the elbow.  "Glorfindel?"

Caught off guard by a Hobbit.  That'll teach me to obsess over  imponderables.  It is well that it was not Aragorn.

The Elf smiled.  "Good morn, Peregrin.  The sunrise is magnificent, is it not?"  He turned back eastwards - sunrise over a Black Land free of the Enemy was nothing less.

"It is wonderful." Pippin replied.

And then followed with "Did they have rats in Gondolin?  Faramir was telling us tales of your city, and they all sounded so impossible.  He said he did not know whether the long years had changed the tales, and then started talking about someone named Pengolodh, and … well, Faramir's a grand fellow, but when he starts talking of scribes and … such, rather than Wizards and Dragons, it's time to take your leave!"

Glorfindel laughed aloud.  He had been warned of the Steward's insatiable curiosity before arriving in Minas Tirith, and had so far managed to avoid being cornered and questioned on the finer points of Turgon's councils (the handful that had not been excruciatingly dull, had been terrifying), or the policies of Tuor (rather limited in scope, truth be told), or a thousand other things he had no wish to recollect.

"Because it sounded so perfect and tragic - not real.  So I wanted to know, did Gondolin have rats?  If it did, the other stories will be easier to believe, somehow."

Glorfindel briefly considered answering "The arts of the Noldor were such that the vermin of Morgoth could not enter," or something similarly fantastic.  Pengolodh, indeed!  He was glad Erestor was not present - the mere mention of that scribe's name would put his friend in a foul mood for days.

"So, did you have rats?"  Pippin looked up hopefully.

"We did, in the beginning." the ancient warrior admitted.  "But Turgon, in his wisdom, ordered many cats brought with us from Nevrast, when we moved.  So, after a while, the rats died out.  There were still mice, though.  I remember one day Salgant…"

But the Hobbit did not hear, having gleefully run off.  "I won the bet, Merry!" the Elf heard as the small figure drew near the tower.  "No duty the rest of the day!"

Glorfindel wondered what would happen if he told Faramir that the Gondolindrim had also been famed as, ah, "expert storytellers", but thought better of it.  Better to let a simple spirit remain so.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Expert storytellers, eh?  Enough to entertain a Hobbit or two?  Heh!  Nice, Maeglin.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

My birthday has been amd gone (7th January), but late presents are often the best.  I'd like drabbles about Elves marking their begetting day in some way - child or adult, happy or sad.  Inclusion of any of my favourite Elves (Elladan, Elrohir or Legolas) would be a bonus, but it can be about anyone.




Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

I fear I know that cat- thankyou so much.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

What a wonderful story, Maeglin- and what a wonderful way of using my prompt!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Sorry if this isn't what you were after Jay-but it turned up on the windowsill and wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it...


The boy smiled.

The bird cocked its head.

The boy's laugh was high and gurgling in the morning sun.

The bird flapped startled wings but did not fly away.

The boy laughed again- entranced by his visitor's antics- and as the bird flapped its wings again their eyes met.

It was only for a moment- for a second, nothing more- but it was enough.

The bird's wings flapped again- once, twice- and in seconds it was gone.

The boy waved at the white speck as it retreated into nothingness.

There was none to see him.

None to hear him.




Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Since I don't normally write fluff, I have no idea what went wrong here, but happy birthday anyway, Aruthir! I hope you enjoy my little tale, even if it's a bit long for a drabble at 350 words.


"Mista has gone into a tree, and now she won't climb down."

"Not now, Arwen," and more gently, when Elrohir saw her lip begin to tremble, "She'll come down when she's hungry."


A day spent trying not to be disarmed - and failing dismally - at the first attack by Glorfindel, even if the twins came at him both together, put the incident out of Elrohir's mind. It was not until he saw his sister as she came from the gardens with the grey kitten in its accustomed place on her shoulder that he thought of it again.

He did not expect Arwen to come over and glare at him. She said nothing, and Elrohir's first impulse was to laugh, though he repressed it. For a mere fifteen year old  she looked remarkably like their grandmother when she was displeased about something.

"What is it, Arwen?" Elladan asked, squatting down to talk to her, sounding as bemused as Elrohir felt.

"He," she pointed at Elrohir, "Said Mista would come down from the tree when she got hungry."

"Oh. Did she climb a tree?"

"Yes, but she didn't come out."

Elrohir bit his lip to keep from laughing. He loved his little sister dearly, but she had over-dramatizing down to a fine art.

"But she's out now. Did someone get her for you?" Elladan asked, extending his hand for the little cat to headbutt against.

"No." Arwen's pout was almost too much to take. "I climbed the tree to get her. Everybody was too busy to help."

"That is very good of you," Elladan said. "Which tree was it?"

"The fir by the fish pool. She went all the way to the top," Arwen smiled brightly. "It was very high. I could see the house from there."

"That is very good of you," Elladan repeated himself as he stood up.

"Mista is hungry. I'm going to the kitchens now," Arwen said, and off she ran.


"Not that tree… Father will kill me when he hears."

"Yes," Elladan said, "If I don't do so first. She'll come down when she's hungry. Idiot."



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Well, for one who doesn't normally write fluff, you wrote this very well- many thanks, Nath!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

You know that cat, Aruthir?  So do I--my Zubran is not fixed, nor is Buck, who was left by a former tenant and who lives from time to time in my barn.  Every time Buck returns to the barn, Zubran comes in even more battered than the last time.  Heh!  This cat's description matches both of them!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

And I hope, Nath, that Elrond goes after both brothers!  Heh!  Trust Arwen to see to it herself when  no one else will help!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Aruthir, your story for Jay is so well done, and so poignant.  I rather hope that it was Elrond or Elros being visited by Elwing!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Thanks for the kind words, Larner- and I rather think you were right. Smile



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Aruthir,  somehow I missed this!  I'm so sorry.  It's a delightful tale, and I can quite see Elwing flying in to check on Elrond and Elros on their begetting day.  Thank you!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh dear!  Elrohir was quite right in what he said, but I agree with Elladan - 'Idiot'   :>)

I love drama-queen Arwen here - what a different view of her!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Larner, Jay - I think Elrohir will have a bit of explaining to do (and perhaps he should worry more about what his mother will say, although of course Celeborn's daughter may not be terribly upset about tree-climbing exploits...). To be fair to Arwen, she's only fifteen here, so still very young.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, Imhiriel! Here's a drabble on young Arwen learning embroidery.


"You make a tiny stitch across the wire, back to front, and pull it tight."

Arwen watched her mother's hands closely. "Like this?"

"Yes," Celebrían replied, "But even tighter, so the thread pulls a small loop of the metal wire through to the back."

"Show me." Arwen turned over Celebrían's work, then looked at the back of her own sampler. "Oh, like that…" She copied the stitch. "Can I learn how to make the wire so thin also?"

Celebrian examined the work. "Yes, well done. We will leave the wire for tomorrow. You cannot do everything at once after all."



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Okay, Jay--you get to share your gift with Cairistiona.  Hope you enjoy it!

The Begetting Day Gift

             Elrohir's mouth fell open as he looked down at his brother, sitting upon the ground, rubbing at his suddenly stinging wrist and staring at his sword, which was slowly turning its final twist upon the ground.

            Estel took a deep breath, slid his own weapon back into its sheath, and lifted a hand to brush sweat-soaked hair out of his eyes.  His voice was almost steady as he said, "You told me that I could ride out with the warriors once I'd bested one of you with my sword.  For your begetting day, you have another fighter in your company."



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, very nice seeing Arwen beginning to learn the skills that will one day see the King's Standard crafted!  Lovely, Nath.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Oh, bravo Arag... I mean Estel. Wink 

And bravo to you too, Larner!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Hello Aruthir,

I apologize for the late reply - I had forgotten to activate the "send e-mail" button in this thread.

Thank you so much for the drabble - it totally has the feeling of what I was aiming for with my request: the anticipation, the pride, the excitement. And to have it be from a scene from the film gives me such a clear picture, and for future reviewing a nice additional detail.




Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Hi Larner,

thanks so much for this gift! I really like the juxtaposition of the two halves, and how you cleary convey the content of the scene through a lively, life-like dialogue. Curiously, one detail I also like was that you chose "dance of guard" to describe Aragorn's practice, not something more martial and ominous like "dance of death" or so.




Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Hello Nath,

thank you very much! Celebrían and her little girl together - such a sweet picture, tinged with the sad knowledge of the separation ahead for them. I like how you leave the melancholy unspoken, by a focus on the actual scene and the details of the two of them working,




Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Glad you like it, Aruthir.  Now--if only Jay will read it!  Heh!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Glad you like it, Imhiriel.  And I do hope that is how Aragorn saw it--him being taught to guard rather than merely to kill.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Now how did I miss this?  It's a wonderful tale!

I love Elrohir's shock at seeing Elladan defeated - and Estel seems nearly as startled!  It looks like it was a hard fight.

Well done Estel, and well done Larner.  Thank you!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

I'm sure that Estel's first win against one of the twins took them ALL by surprise, Estel as much as the other two.  But if they promised him he could go out on patrol when he first beat one of them, I'm certain he held them to it!  Heh!

Glad you enjoyed it, Jay.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Of course, he had the best of teachers



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday, Jay!

Sometime in the Fourth Age, Rose Gamgee, née Cotton, finds out about a rather odd Elvish custom...

Begetting day

"Begetting day? Wait, Elves celebrate their what?" Rose asked incredulously.

"Our begetting day," Legolas replied calmly.

"So everyone, once you have children, everyone knows that you, when you…" She turned red.

"But Rose, you and Sam have nine children; do not tell me that you have any embarrassment about how you got them?"

"No," she said, though her blush belied her words, "But we hardly announce it to everyone either. That's just wrong."

"To us, our way's entirely proper," Legolas replied.

"Well, if you say so," Rose gave in. "I still think it's an odd way to go about things."



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards


It must be quite difficult explaining this to mortals    I remember a fic where an elf child descibed it as 'the day when nana and ada knew they would be getting me' :>)

Thank you for this!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

She and Sam only had nine at the moment?  Hehehe!  If he only knew there would be four more!  Love her embarrassment and his lightheartedness!  Wonderful, Nath!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

After reading 'Heights' again, I remembered a drabble I wrote a couple of months ago: The Rescue It explains why Elrohir wouldn't climb the tree after Arwen's cat this time.



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Heh- poor old Elrohir. I'm again amazed by how much you can put across in such a short space- well done!



Re: January 2011 Birthday Cards

Too funny (unless you're Elrohir of course), and much more to the point than mine as well *g*.

What is it with cats and trees...



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