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Comment e-mails

I have always liked the feature that sends e-mails of story comments to the author, but its performance seems to be patchy, at least since March 12th.  Both of Elrûn's comments on my story "Hand to Hand" (the one that was blocked, and the one that was not) did not find their way to my in-box; three of DKP's did, but not a fourth.  Two private messages were also delivered successfully, as was a copy of my comment reply this morning.

Can you check to see what the problem might be? 

Thank you,




Re: Comment e-mails


The system shows that 16 messages were posted to the Hand to Hand comment thread between March 12 and today. All three of Elrun's messages and all four of DKP's messages are recorded as having left the mail server. Copies of all of the emails were successfully received by the HASA email storage system, which is not on the HASA server and receives messages exactly as an end-user would receive them.

There is no malfunction of the system. The delivery failure occurred after the messages were sent from HASA. Please check with your email administrator on where your messages may have gone.




Re: Comment e-mails

Thank you for checking, Anglachel.  It turns out to have been a failed server at this end.  Sorry to have put you to the bother!





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