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Tanka Time!

For the poets and would-be poets among us, it is (drum-roll) Tanka Time!

What is a Tanka?

  • has 31 syllables, arranged in five lines: 5-7-5-7-7
  • tends to use courtly/formal language
  • focuses on symbolism from nature and personal emotion

Over in LiveJournal-land several people have been posting tankas based on Tolkien's writing. Now is time for the madness to spread to HASA!

The rules are easy: Write a tanka, or a series of tankas, based on anything in Tolkien. Examples can be found here.

The word is that a Workshop will be set up for all tanka writers to you can post your poems as chapters in a larger tanka collection. When that Workshop exists, it will be linked.



Re: Tanka Time!

Just posting two links to two interesting Tanka pages:

What Is a Tanka?

Poetry Form: The Tanka




Re: Tanka Time!

Elemmire, I loved your Aragorn tanka. Especially the first two.



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