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A Short AU Challenge

We've all seen the AU novels, but can you write an AU story in 5,000 words or less? Enter the A Short AU Challenge and see! Discuss your stories here. Have fun! ~Nienna



Re: A Short AU Challenge

As mine's a drabble, it's already done. I've added it to the challenge, but also post it here. Comments much appreciated! It's dark, AU (obviously!) and OOC. Setting: The banks of the Anduin, during 'The Great River'. Dark Elf Suddenly the great bow of Lórien sang. High above, a dark shape veered towards them with a croaking cry of triumph and swooped downwards. The elf turned to face his companions with a cold, feral grin. The ring on its slender chain dangled from his long fingers. “My Lord knows of our presence. He will be here shortly.” He regarded their shock contemptuously. “Surely you did not think Gollum escaped from Mirkwood? I released him.” He turned and called into the night. “Come here, my pet.” Gollum crept from the shadows and rubbed lovingly against Legolas. “Yess, master,” he crooned. Jay



Re: A Short AU Challenge

oooh! Evil Legolas! *shudders* I don't think I've ever seen that before. Nicely written! Very AU! *walks away muttering to herself* ...An evil Legolas? I never would have thought of an evil Legolas... ~Nienna



Re: A Short AU Challenge

...An evil Legolas? I never would have thought of an evil Legolas... Heh. Yes, I looove that one. And I've just gone insane with entering this challenge, so ya might browse through my A/U drabbles to see if there's any other evil there you hadn't considered.



Re: A Short AU Challenge

Ooooh! EdorasLass! I read your AU drabbles. "Worries" really threw me off. Very evil indeed. My favorite though was "Almost". Imagine if Isildur actually did throw the ring into the fire - then The Lord of the Rings would never have happened. The Fellowship would never have met! Frodo would never have sailed over the sea. Legolas and Gimli would never have been friends. Éowyn and Faramir would never have met. *gasp* Aragorn probably wouldn't have become king! Yikes! Definitely my favorite. My mind is still thinking out all the possibilities and changes. Good luck! ~Nienna



Re: A Short AU Challenge

"Worries" really threw me off. Very evil indeed. A large number of those were originally written for an LJ challenge, and someone Nuzgulled me into "Worries". It's really kinda scary how that one in particular just sorta leapt into my brain full-formed. Evil! Eomer and Eowyn creeped me out myownself.



Re: A Short AU Challenge

Thanks to the evil genius that is Barbara (Elena Tiriel) for suggesting I enter my Boromir!lives AU, Not Permitted, in this challenge.

Cheers, Liz



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