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The Forgotten Ones

Discuss your stories entered in The Forgotten Ones here! Always, Allie



Re: The Forgotten Ones

I put this over in Perspective Challenges already, but since there is now a thread here, too, here is my entry. Through Shadows Falling Thanks, CLF, for providing the impetus for finally writing this one. Karri



Re: The Forgotten Ones

You're welcome! : ) Thanks for joining in the challenge! I liked your story. Elured and Elurin generally always have a sad ending, so I liked how they were happy when they passed away. Did they die in your story?



Re: The Forgotten Ones

Did they die in your story? LOL! As I am so often inclined to do (to the great annoyance of many), I leave the answer to that question up to the reader. Karri



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