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Kids do the darndest things...

The Kids do the Darndest Things... challenge is now up and I would link to it but I can't figure out how and don't have time to find out right at this moment! You have until December 2 to embarass your favourite characters through their childhood antics.



Re: Kids do the darndest things...

Oh, yay. Finally, something where I can enter all my OOC little-Estel-wreaks-havoc-type stories. I knew there had to be a challenge for this...



Challenge entry: Swan Flight

Swan Flight is my entry into the Kids do the darndest things challenge. And it was fun to write! After all, how often can you let Faramir shriek, and get away with it? Having said that, I would much appreciate any comments or thoughts. Is Denethor sufficiently Denethorian? Are my descriptions of the various parts of the roof accurate? I barely know what all these things are called in my own language, let alone English! Any canonical errors? I have given Imrahil the title of prince of Dol Amroth, but without the capital P as Adrahil is still alive at this time. I'm assuming that sons of the Prince will already be entitled to be called princes also, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Anything else that strikes you as odd, strange or plain wrong? Thanks, Amanda.



Re: Kids do the darndest things...

Oh, I've had the most terrible idea for this challenge - 23-year-old Denethor being left to keep an eye on five year old Theoden (and his nameless older sister and nameless younger sister #1). Hee hee.



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