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Six-legged Race

Discuss it with your horses. Discuss it with your fellow riders. But if you're participating in the "Six-legged Race" challenge,also feel free to discuss it here. Challenge closes 31 August 2004. Marta



Re: Six-legged Race

Dude! We're on! *ahem* All right, just to be sure I don't get in anyone's way ... I have a very vague ickle muse at present for an Eomer/Firefoot story, but if someone has their heart set on using that equine/human team, the idea could probably be applied to another Rohirrim rider. Though I think probably this notion won't match anyone else's ... ENNYhow ... This if going to be fun! I rarely get involved with challenges, but this looked to good to pass up and I'm really looking forward to all the different stories folks here will thunk up! Thanks, everyone, for pushing this to fruition! Cheers ~ Erin



Re: Six-legged Race

Yay!! I've set my place holder and am actively embracing this particular nuzgul. I'm so glad to see this challenge become official! Cheryl



Re: Six-legged Race

Most of my Nuzgul to date have involved Eomer but oddly enough, this one ended up being about an OC. So, no objections from me, Erin. Not that I think it matters if more than one person does the same pairing. I actually have a little tickle going for Elfwine and Firefoot, but I think I may have to content myself with just one story for this challenge. I am quite pleased that this bit so many people. I'm new at this.



Re: Six-legged Race

I gave up on my promise to myself to write someone other than Aragorn -- it's finals, so I have an ezcuse -- and am doing Aragorn in his Thorongil days and an OC Rohirric horse. Next fic will be someone else. I swear (yeah, right).



Re: Six-legged Race

I'm so excited to see the discussions of story ideas. I can't wait to read them all. And if my own muse will allow me to breathe, I may just find the time to do so this summer. I don't often write horses, but I love reading about them. (Nessime's "Promises to Keep" is still one of my alltime favourites.) So I will let you guys have at it. You know where to find me if I can be of any further assistance. Marta Edit: And if DL7 doesn't have any problems with the same character -- two- or four-legged -- being used in two stories, neither do I. DL7, if it's all right with you I will put off publicising this at HA until I finish finalising the"The Hobbit" challenge -- probably within the next day or so. I'd like to announce them together.



Re: Six-legged Race

put off publicising this at Do what you gotta. Fine by me.



Re: Six-legged Race

Greetings all ~ Just a note to let anyone interested know that I've got a start on my Six-Legged Buddy fic! It's Eomer, of course, and Firefoot and a few random orcs, but I think this is gonna be fun. Anywho, at least it's on its way! Go me! Cheers ~ Erin



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