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Thranduil: the true story

Thanks to five writers, this little bunny has not only escaped the Hutch to become a full blown Challenge, but before it ever had a deadline set for it as a Challenge, it already had five stories!

This is relatively painless (for a nuzgûl that bites): any good story about Thranduil that doesn't portray him as the fanonical, child-raping, greedy, drunken bastard we all hate. Thranduil is looking for a few good stories about him that are faithful to his canonical portrayal.

And while I'm here, may I SOP the recent essay, "A Case of Mistaken Identity", by Coriel, as a good reference for those researching Thranduil's character? Points out lots of places where he has been mentioned and has a nice dose of intelligent speculation to boot.

Go here to see it. Read the stories, adopt the bunny.

Deadline is: August 15, 2004, one year after it was 'born'. Thanks to Zim for thinking this one up, and to all the writers who have already ensured it a place in the Public Challenges archive.



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